Friday, 30 July 2010

You Can't Handle The Truth

Yeah I said I would not,but hell the Yat Phone has been ringing off the hook again.

Happy Now Campers


  1. You don't half come up wi' some cracking 'clips', Monty........... the 'new-kid-on-the-block' whups the 'old-died-in-the-wool' US Marine Colonel.... who couldn't handle the truth!

    Lot of 'em about,mate!


  2. Chaps it's not me you know.Do you remember the film Animal House ? The scene where the geezer has the Angel on one shoulder and the Devil on the other ?And the Devil won out ?

    That's me,the Devil makes me do it.I wish I could fight it.And now I'm off to bed as I've an early start in the 'morrow for a very private Estate Lake,I have access to,though can't blog it.More than my life is worth,so as you were.

    Good night folks and sleep well.

    Monty D

  3. I hope you sleep well and catch loads.

    Surely you can give us a hint at what you catch ;-)

  4. Very good but its unlikely to change anything!

    They are still planning for the future.

  5. Dave,

    Ended up on the river instead I'm afraid and 'twas a gruller today.But I'll blog that next week.


    Yeah the Yat Phone went and I was told "Pope has locked two threads now,the naughty boy"

  6. Monty

    A question for all those looking in

    When does the BS stop becoming the 'voice' of barbel anglers everywhere. 100,200,300 members ?

    Keep up the great blogging Monty and

  7. Monty
    as Jones would sy...... he dont like it up em!!!


  8. That's the problem Anony, this time next year Rodney we'll be millionaires.
    Nothing for members now just hollow promises of better times to come.

  9. Thick and fast a little like our old winger Mark Ward from the 80's.These comments.

    Rich in case you think I'm posting as "Annon" as I know you are concerned,I promise on my left leg It's not me.Good boy xx.

    The first anon at 21.50."The Voice" I don't think so (say that in a black Cockeny hand in ya face voice).I'll blog them as long as they give me ammo.And why not?But why would people want to join now.Fuck me,Pol Pot was not half as mad as........Answears on a Postcard too.Monty D,at Yat Rock.

    The other two ?Have not got a clue,but feel free to post wat.Thats it until Sunday.Night .

  10. I must say Monty. That was 1st Class.

    Top Blogging.


  11. I am the anon that posted at 9.18 and 21.57 and as sure as hell I aint Rich Frampoodle!

    The forum has turned into Popeys, Fred Buffoons and Rich Frampoodles. Any one else can hardly be bovvered.

  12. Trouble is Monty, the ammo being lobbed is mostly blanks ;o)

    Nice to see the faceless and nameless ones, still haven't the courage of their convictions.


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Fred,

    Blanks or not It's gives people a chuckle,well mostly.And I enjoy playing about with this little blog 'o mine.

    As for the Annon posters,It would be nice If you did post who you really are ?But I doubt the Darl Lord,would appreciate his memebers posting on here.He mods all and see's all,with the help of his minions.;-)

    Enough of this bollocks,off with the girls to see an early showing of Toy Story 3,then a spot of lunch.

    Enjoy your Sunday you fine and stout fellows.

  15. That's an excuse Monty, if people have something to say, what are they frightened of?
    TC giving them a smack? ;o)

  16. and i'm the anon who posted at 21.50.

    I joined the BS last year for the first (and last) time. After following various forums I thought i'd join and see just what it was all about. Got to say that it did dissapoint.
    Lots of in fighting, certain overbearing committee persons,a forum that you couldn't raise matters on without being told off like a naughty boy and just a couple of outdated newsheets and two mags full of 'my day by the river'.
    For my joining fee of £25 didn't see or think it value enough to make me want to re join.


  17. I somehow think it might not be like this at the BS at the moment Monty


  18. Martin,

    Do you live in Dulwich ?Just a guess ?If so we have met before,if not then tell me to go fourth.




    I do like Mr.Pope calling people who know Tony as "Sychopants".It's ring a very loud bell in other palces,IMO.

  19. I've not commented on here before and I'm not in any particular gang. I was in the BS for 9 years or so - not anymore. Hopes were raised, hopes were dashed, crap things said by those who should have known better, again, again ad nauseum. I'll not tolerate those sort of antics for free - let alone pay for them. The R&C fund and juniors were worthy projects, but will now have to take their chances in a more rarified atmosphere.
    To those that are responsible - you should be ashamed - but guess you are too thick skinned for it to register and further guess that as long as you remain in influence it will be a case of 'same shit, different day'.
    My applause to those with principles and have shown them in a recent event - good on yer.