Monday, 26 July 2010

Well I Love This Song

But don't cha just hate it when people phone you,but don't let you talk ?Oh and Chas K,this is for you mate ;_)


  1. You Twat how do you think this lot up.Can you tell me what bait dropper or will Will G get a pair of bollocks.I'll doubt that Will has any all mouth and no Anker 12lb fish my arse like his Dove fish lol.

  2. Now,Now Will were on a fishery the other week with Biggun and Oz.He is his own man.;-)Chill and leave the BS alone.

  3. ...I do like this song. Bunny bunny, jabber.

    Greetings to you Monty from San Fransisco. No, I don't have flowers in my hair. JAFH.

    Did get some very tasty hooks at the Fishermans Warehouse though.

  4. I can't understand why you are reading this "dross" from over their ?Anyway get as much Power Pro as you can carry,come back and sell it on E-bay. ;-)

  5. Agreed on the power pro ( but sell it to me not on eBay) and I bet I know who the caller was that made you think of this song. Did the same to me too - three times!

    Doesn't call any more since I changed my number :)

    Monty he will be listening to plenty of dross over there so he may as well read it.