Monday, 5 July 2010

Water Abstraction

In yesterdays Sunday Times,there was a good article entitled "River life threatened by water company greed"Now I'll not go into the article in to much length on here.As no doubt you can view this article via the Times online,but It is well worth a read in my opinion.

The Mimram and Beane rivers that rise from the Hertfordshire chalk,and join the river Lea at Hertford are drained of about 55m litres a day.

The Kennet is also drained of about 35m liters a day.Now you read an awful lot of people both online and in the press,moaning about the problem of Otter predation etc,etc.

But is water abstraction a bigger threat ?How much water do your regions loose per day through broken pipes and "natural wastage" ?Also If you do look at the Times online ? Another very good article by Brian Clarke appeared in today's Times news paper.He writes an angling article on the first Monday of each month.His words summed an awful lot for me.And I would guess many others also ?

Where am I leading with this ?Well If this dry and hot weather continues ?Will you still fish for let us say Barbel,in these low water conditions and lack of oxygen in the water ?It's a difficult one to be honest.Not everyone follows the Barbel Society's handling code.Which is probably the best thing they have online to try and educate others(that's not a dig at the BS),it's mild praise.

Try and read both articles and form your own opinions.I have to add a photo as always.My favourite stretch of the Hampshire Avon,let's hope all our rivers continue to flourish,and flow in this most arid of years.

A rather sensible for a change Monty D


  1. Monty I'm terribly sorry old boy - I have only just discovered this fantastic blog. It's a nice colour and makes a lot of sense to this (less) fat northern bloke.

  2. Monty I've only just discovered this jewel o't net! As well as having a lovely colour scheme what you say makes me laugh out loud - it makes a lot of sense to this slighty less fat northern bloke. This blog - it's the future.


  3. "it's the future"

    Like Garlic Bread ?

    Be lucky Conrad.

  4. Lovely looking piece of the Avon mate.

  5. I’ve always wondered why water abstraction doesn’t take place further downstream, but then I suspect it would need more work to process the water – possibly a function of privatised utilities, who then start to focus on making money, not providing the service.

  6. Gent's

    Not sure If the Blogger comments is back up and running to full speed yet ?

    But thank's for your comments.

    Monty D

  7. JAA,

    A good point you make.But as you say It's all about the money I am afraid.

    Monty D