Thursday, 22 July 2010


Three new moderators for the Barbel Society Forum, due to the mass resignation last night of Messrs Berridge,Osbourne and King.No experience necessary as we are sinking faster than a lead balloon.

Apply via Monty D and he will pass on your name and number.

PS Thank's for the text into the Yat Phone ;-)


  1. is it true that steve pope asked for fred to get his ban lifted and that the mods stood firm in front of pressure from steve.lots of flak fyling about and i am not a member anymore but it seems steve wants it all his own way all the time.i had the same texted message as you.

  2. I would not no to be honest.I've still a fair few mates who are still members.

    But I will leave the BS alone on here from this Sunday,as It's no point "Kicking a wounded animal".

    Plus I would like them to sort the whole debacle out.

    Monty D

  3. Don't hold your breath Monty.

  4. Serious head on again - sorry.

    One interesting observation is that the current situation makes the BS ripe for a good kicking and gloating by the the disenfranchised - but people seem reluctant to do it. That suggests that there exists a fair amount of good will, fondness and sentimentality. I've listened to people who have been in barbel fishing for a long time wax lyrical about the BS good old days on several occasions.

    It really is a shame that one man's blind loyalty to a colleague and his reluctance to allow democracy may see the demise of what was obviously once a vibrant and well subscribed specialist angling group.

    The loyalty is admirable in many ways but at what price?

    Glad I didn't see all that ugly bollix on the forum. I have a good idea what happened and there is a common denominator.

    I hope for change.