Friday, 2 July 2010

Wanker Of The Week and Fridays Choon

Warning this blog entry has some near the mark language,so look away now If you are of a sensitive nature!

Time for something new gent's and Lady's.I'm awarding a "Wanker of the Week" to the most inane "cunt ism"(that's for you Mr.Berry);-),that has been spotted in Forum land in the past week.

Looking down from Yat Rock I spotted this on a mixed species forum,that has something to do with concrete."At Hampton Court last night and still there,I had 1 bream and my m8 1 Bream,and that's it.May do another night we shall see"

Why has this won the inaugural "Wanker of the Week" with Monty's panel ?Simple what kind of person post's/blogs or has any thing to do with the real world, when on the bank ?Phone calls from home in an emergency permitting.I go fishing to forget the real world.I never think about work,bills,family(sorry Mum) or any thing other than fishing,when on the bank.

So we the panel,have awarded this poster with the award.Oh and he sneaked in some text speak in his post!Grrrrrrrrr

If your out this weekend on the river or lake have a good one.But please save it till you get home eh?

Now to Fridays "Choon".A Pwoper,Pwoper couple of foot stompers.And some really fit(and some not so),girls who dressed well back in the day.

Monty D

PS Wanker of the Week is just a light hearted bit of banter,but will no doubt upset one or two!


  1. ...I'm halfway through and then I think, I'm going to see someone I know in a minute....

    I was wrong.


  2. ..I just realised as well that two guys are sitting in the same spot for 24 hours for one bream, count them "1".

    Didja not think you might be fishing in the wrong spot? Huh?

    I've thought of a new game. It's like "pin the tail on the donkey" but has a lower chance of winning. It's call "bolt the boilie on the carp".

  3. JAA,

    HC on the Lower Thames can look like a "Traveller Site" on certain places at the weekend."Chav Island" as It's known.Not for me.

    It's Friday and I'm off out for a couple of pints,enjoy your weekend.But don't stay out to late on the bank.BOO.;-)

    Monty D