Friday, 23 July 2010

That Was The Week That Was

What a week in the Barbel Society world eh lads ?It had it all did it not ?Well almost all, as the Yat Phone has some sad news.Mike Berridge AKA Biggun has stood down from the BS committee.

You can read why,on Mikes blog.Mike you have my utmost respect and no matter what other people think,when ever I asked for BS "gossip" he told me to "fook off".Top man is Mike.Who next ?Mike Oz ?Rob Hilton ?Will G ?

Change ? Na not in my lifetime I reckon.Mike this song is sent to you with love and kisses and I hope to see you In October if not before ?They would have to be large wings though Mike ;-)

I'll be glad to get on the river tomorrow,for a well earned rest.Lastly,are all you BS members happy about whats going on ?Who cares It's fucked.

With a nod in the direction of Steve "Eelfisher" Richardson....

Yours with respect(most of you)

Monty D

PS Added a link to Mikes blog,have a read you may be surprised


  1. Surprised? Not a bit.

    Just when one 'detractor' bows out another (three!) come along. The trouble is, they will still have a strong sense of loyalty to the membership and will probably hold off on the criticism for the time being. I hope not, the members need to know the truth.

    I feel for those that have left but admire their balls.

  2. Dave,

    What will be will be.If the members choose to stay or go It will make not a jot of difference to one or two.And you know what ?I think one or two do not care either.

    I'm going fishing soon and the Yat phone will be off today,as I've said my piece.So there we have it.Enjoy your weekend.