Sunday, 4 July 2010

Saturday Night Sunday Morning

Had a really enjoyable day on the river yesterday,through to about 01.00hrs today.Mrs.Monty thinks I am mad, getting up again at 07.00hrs to go for a "run".But I'm not the best sleeper once the clock goes past 06.00hrs.My Mother used to say "His too wicked to sleep that boy".She meant there were to many mischievous and wicked thoughts going through my mind,keeping sleep at arms length.And who am I to argue ?

Anyway,caught a few Barbel in both the daylight and nocturnal hours.None were of the size that needed to be weighed.Mostly all long lean fish,like the one I took a quick snap of,to put on here.All fought well and were in great "nick".

Listened to both World Cup games on my wireless(proper retro word)turned down low,so you could not hear it more than five yards away.Least I get "bashed up",by a certain poster or two,from Barbel Fatwa World who think having a wireless on the bank,is akin to mass genocide.The rivers are still so very quiet though ?I'm not complaining,but the first Saturday in July and there were no bugger about.They can't all be football fans ?Perhaps after last seasons harsh winter where most of us struggled,they have departed,never to return ?CARP PUDDLES RULE OK ?Not sure to be honest with you.

Anyway took a call from "Biggun" yesterday,on his way back from the BS Committee meeting,he was in fine form and looking forward to his angling trip.But the things you learn eh ?

Lastly enjoy your Sunday folks,I must take Mrs.Monty out for lunch, as It's not enough that she gets,her reward in Heaven for putting up with me.Nope,she wants Italian for lunch today.No Patience these women ?

Monty D


  1. I know where all of your anglers have gone Monty old boy. They are all on the Wye and the Teme! Its been really busy.

  2. Dave,

    It's all the fick cockneys,thinking they will empty 'em.Meat to the far bank anyone ? ;-)

  3. Nice one Monty old chap................. i hope Mrs Monty enjoys her lunch with you picking up the bill being the gentleman that you are.

  4. Nice fish Mont. Tackle in tis w/end I've got a fishing away trip with the club next Sat/Sun so earning my permission to fish ;-)

    ...anyway, there I was, meat to the far bank, when in walked the dwarf and the vicar. "Blimey!" said the dwarf, "That's OK for you, but how am I going to get on the bookcase?"

    "Amen to that!" said the vicar.

  5. Monty, dear fellow,

    Very pleased to hear of the success on the (quite) hard water. Now do tell, did one attempt the yeast-putty bait, or do you not have faith?

    One of the beauties of that place is it is very rarely highly populated with 'nerdy' chaps and one can meander around about to find solace & solitude.... and a few decent fish, if one is blessed, keep well yersel'


  6. Oz,

    Nope home rolled "Baits" mate.;-0