Thursday, 1 July 2010

Night Fishing

I thought I would chuck this in, as I'm planning a longish session for this Saturday,well for me anyhow.Planning to get to a different river from where I've been Carp fishing,for around 15.00 on Saturday and fish to around 02.00 Sunday morning.I've not really done these long sessions for the last twelve years or so,owing to the dog we had.But now his no longer with us (three months yesterday) I thought I would make the most of the summer.

Now some people do not like night fishing ?They get jittery in the dark and don't feel comfortable with the night.I love it,only once did I get spooked and I'll come back to that later.I have a mate who I do not get to fish with,to much these days owing to him being self employed.Two things stick out.....

About 7/8 years ago we got to the river after work, on a Friday and were planning to fish until around 23.00.About 21.00 I took a stroll about 150 yards downstream to see if he were OK ?I saw the light before I got to him.He had one of those giant head torches like a Miners Lamp,going full beam.It was like Portland Bill had landed on the river.I just pissed myself to be honest,but he said "Monty I hate the dark did I not tell you ?"As It were a large swim I got my tackle down with him,and out went the light.Job done and after our chat I thought we had cured his "Night Terror".Non.

Two years ago in November,a nice mild Saturday we got to the river about 11.00 and were going to fish through to around 19.00.I was just listening to the football results coming through around 17.00,when he appeared behind me all packed up."No touches mate so I thought I would sit with you for the last couple of hours".I packed up though as It's not really fair on your mate,is it ?

Now my turn.Many years ago I was doing an over night session.Another guy who I was fishing with left the river around 23.00 as he had work in the morning.It was a warm July night,but around midnight the mist rolled in across the Fields.I could hear foxes killing rabbits and deer "Barking".These are just the sounds of the night.I pulled on my Bib and Brace as it was getting cold and damp.Poured a coffee and put my little radio on.The first station was discussing the merits of the Ouija board.I was in a trance watching the tip,then snapped too and quickly changed channels.The next station was discussing the Devil,I promise you this is all "Gospel".Well by now my mind went into melt down.I could hardly see 10 feet in front of me due to the mist.I got up,put my head torch on and jogged around the Field for a good 90 seconds singing"I'm forever blowing bubbles,pretty bubbles in the air,they fly so high,nearly reach the sky".You get the idea ?Christ knows what I must have looked like ?Anyway I sat back down,and thought "You dozy bastard fancy getting in a right two and eight like that"Since that night I've been fine.But like I said earlier I can understand it,if people don't like night fishing.The mind is a potent force.

Moving on a little.A couple of people have asked me why I do not write more expansively of my angling trips ?Simple reason is that others do it far,far better than I.Many blogs describe there bank side experiences,with real aplomb.Plus If we all did it the same way,would it not get boring ?That's not a criticism of anyone,I just tend to try and mix it up a little.Each to there own.

Lastly make the most of the fast fading summer.Before you know it,these conditions in the photo below,will be upon us.Though I for one much prefer the Autumn and Winter.

As ever It's just my view from Yat Rock.

Monty D


  1. Nice story. I'm a dusk guy, but like you have been spooked once or twice, but I'm always niggled by thoes places which aren't quite right when the light fades, the long path between pegs 3 and 4 at Luckfield, always half expecting to meet someone, the last gate at Wytch farm, the end of the path between the Baron's ponds, where I kept looking over my shoulder expecting to see someone. The very South West corner of La Morinais. I just don't like it. Odd stuff. Porbably a rational explanation...

    "you're a big girl's blouse" doesn't count as a rational explanation in case you were wondering.

  2. JAA,

    Not a big girls blouse mate.The dark does some funny stuff ;-)

  3. As is always dark Ooop Norf we are not troubled with such girly afflicions.

  4. It's when all the night wildlife suddenly shuts up all at once, then the hairs on your neck prickle...

  5. Tony Miles has written of a couple of "unusual" experiences he has had over his many years of night fishing, one on the Cherwell and another at Redmire, which itself seems to have a resident "thing", in the evening Pitch.

    As for myself--I've never had anything happen that I couldn't rationally explain, although I have felt at unease after dark in a couple of swims on different rivers over the years, although I don't know why.

  6. I spend most of my time in the dark while fishing................. on the Pat's there where times when i definitely had the feeling i was not alone when the carp parks was empty.

    I had a deer crash through the bushes opposite me one evening on the Loddon, it was after a drink from the river, me i needed some new underwear :)

    The swans coming through the fourth arch at just gone midnight on a carp lake when we where telling ghost stories one night was enough for a friend of mine, to this day i don't think he night fishes!

    Greta blog Monty, keep it exactly as it is mate and good luck tomorrow.

  7. Cracking read Monty.

    It's not so much the dark that bothers me, but the creatures that go with it!
    I'm not a big fan of those little brown things with long tails!
    I also recall one night on the River Ure, fishing half way down a fairly high floodbank. I was sitting quite content, having caught a couple of nice fish, when I sensed a presence behind me. As I turned round, a vixen stood less than 3 feet away from my ear, let out a piercing scream, causing me to kick my tackle bits box down the bank, and into the river,with me almost following it!

    Keepup the good work mate, but next time, try "Marching on Together" instead of that rubbish about bubbles. Might make you feel a bit better.

    Keep well mate.


  8. Rob,
    I'm well thanks mate.As for singing "Marching on Together",I reckon I would have run the 8 miles home ;-).

    Had a cupla pints,so I will leave it there.But If your at the BS Comm. meeting on Saturday ?Give Biggun,a big kiss from me.

    Be lucky and give my regards to Mr.Parsons.

  9. I added but deleted, the last comment that was made at 15.12.If you wish to post again with your name then I'll gladly post it back up.

    But It did not sit right with me to be honest.

    Monty D