Sunday, 18 July 2010

News Just In

I've just had a call from the Bard of BridgEnorth.....As ever read this in a thick Yam Yam accent.And mine in Ray Winstonesque.

BB "Bloody hell Monty,the BS 'ain't got enough members to put themselves into the hat for various Committee places"

Monty "Fack off,they have plenty of members do they not ?"

BB "Monty no man,It's not all Rosy in the garden,since he left" "They are even asking the members to cough up quick for the BS waters,or it looks bad for next year"."Glad I never renewed mate,fooking bostin eh ?"

Monty "Whats Bostin"

BB "Well they plan to Head Hunt the members,to go on the committee,my moonney is on Mr.Frampton" "And Bostin yam thick coont is just Bostin,like"

Monty "Dot on the card that son,dot on the card"

BB "I found this online,about sums it up bud,sweet,now get on and cook yam Sunday dinner while the family are away,though you would shake 'em up bud"

Monty "I think not to be honest,the senate at Rome was more friendly,can you imagine it,fuck me no and thrice no"

Well what next ?

Monty D


  1. Agent farmpton will be at the head table mark these words.

  2. Old news that,old news.Mr.Frampton was though, a little miffed last night on the BS forum,or so I'm told ? As to why more members were not posting on a thread about "Fisheries"

    Never mind eh,more important things to worry about,like who will organise next years "Show".;-)

  3. The BS should firstly address WHY members are not rejoining and therefore not buying fisheries tickets!
    Its Popey and his sidekicks Frampoodle and Bonney. When they go people will rejoin.

  4. Well, with great minds like Frampton's on board, surely they will go from strength to strength.

  5. Annon,

    I do not think It's all to do with Popey,Fred and Frampton,but something is not right ? Does the angling world need a Barbel Society ? I've been speaking to a couple of people today who are still members,and they have some strong views.

    But that's not for me to say.It does appear the drive to get new members is not working ?It's also a shame that there was a Junior Day cancelled recently.

    Anyway stuff this I'm orf down the river for a few hours.

  6. something is not right. members need a change. Whatother organisation has an unaccountable person at the helm for some 15 years. unelected!! Change should start at the top.Its time for the constitiution to be amended and members to have a proper vote.
    If members had a proper say in the running of the BS many would not have left it!

  7. Well I for one would rejoin like a shot if the committee were to be elected by the membership. Most of those guys do a good job and I bear the BS no ill will. There are 2 individuals that I do not think are effective and I have grown to dislike them. It is because these 2 individuals are so obdurate and entrenched I did not rejoin.

    I think (hope)that Rich will eventually find his own voice in time if the BS survives. I still advocate that people should be allowed to buy a permit that allows them to fish any fishery for up to 10 times. That kind of flexibility is the key to boosting the fisheries revenue. I take no pleasure in the current woes of the BS at all despite the obvious paranoia of some.


  8. long time angler20 July 2010 at 15:22

    hmmm, anyone remember the carp anglers association and peter mohan ? same old same old !

  9. Conrad,

    A very decent post,would you kindly piss 'orf this is hardly the place for such sense ;-).Makes you think though,eh ?


    Got his latest book ?Good it is "Carp Stories and other Tales";-0

  10. long time angler20 July 2010 at 17:45

    no i haven't monty. i was referring to how mr mohan was the unelected fuhrer of the c.a.a. and everyone answered to him, it was mohans way or the highway.

    as i recall, 7 or 8 years after the (more democratic) carp society came into existence, the c.a.a. ceased to exist. people i guess saw the light.

  11. LTA,

    Most people who post on here I've got a rough idea as to who they are ?But you ?

    May I be so bold....

    Did you once send me a packet of hooks ?
    Are you fishing the Compound with me,in a few weeks ?

    Or did you give me some bait advice,that I never passed on as per your request ?

    If none of the above ring true,then I'm buggerd,but carry on.

    Monty D

  12. Monty sorry old chap wrong blog! I get so confused sometimes..........especially by those daft code words that I have to enter to post. Some of these words would make great song titles though.


  13. Sorry about the "code words" It's to stop spam I'm afraid,but you did make a good point.

    Monty D