Saturday, 10 July 2010

Montys Culture Corner

Afternoon from Yat Rock,and what a bloody hot one it is too.Not much to report for six hours down the river with a bag 'o Chum Mixer.The Carp on my very lovely stretch are spawning again.I had to scrabble around in the bottom of the bag for some old bottom baits.

I knew I would not catch,but shit happens.I even fed a whole load of mixers too,not to actively try and catch the Carp,but to just gage there reaction.They were completely disinterested.So I just sat back and relaxed,wound in an old boilie, packed up and went home.Was it a waste of time ?Nope because I have come up with a new award,as Wanker of the Week is frowned upon.

It will be Montys Culture Corner,for the most mundane and ill thought out,self pompous, load of hot air and utter shite that I,or my panel spot over the course of a week.

They will win these two,every week.So there you have it, coming soon "Montys Culture Corner".

Time for a beer I reckon ?

A good day from Yat Rock.


  1. So I can't write the word "wanker" then?

    Can I think "wanker"? Is that OK?

  2. btw Monty, you want to try a £esco's sandwich tin...mixers are familiar to a lot of fish, and often a chunk of bread will get a take when mixers are treated with the contempt normally reserved for Bangladeshis Test teams (except yesterday)

    (email me for a secret recipe for mixers)

    There. Managed to avoid using the word wanker.

  3. JAA,

    You can use the odd swear word,but I must not singal anyone out for "WOW".

    As for the mixers,you will get cross now,so a deep breath.......I use a rubber one on the hook.There I've "outed" myself.The rivers flow and ebb,it's not kind to soggy things.;_)

    Monty D