Friday, 16 July 2010

Fridays Choon and Other Stuff.

Well things are looking a little more stable on the Mother-in-Law front so I can fit in a little time on here.Fridays "choon" comes curtesy of "Curtis Mayfield"See what I done there. ?

I'll be out on the river tomorrow to hopefully catch a few fish,but not to worried If I don't.I'll just enjoy the day.Now some people sit by the river bank and get quite depressed If they are blanking ?If this is you ? Pray you do not get a visit from Gazza.

I can imagine it...."Monty-It's Gazza don't shoot man""Alreet Monty man,bought jiz a rod,some chicken and a dressing gown,man".So just look happy on the bank for Christ sakes and try and smile.It's ment to be fun!Or not,well you probally know the outcome.

Be lucky and enjoy your weekend.

Monty D


  1. ...have a good one yerself Monty. Buried the Father in Law yesterday, all a bit grim at home, Mrs AA bearing up well.

    Got to go to the states on Sunday, at least I'll get to a proper fishing shop while there. Keep posting Mont, I'll need the reality from the homeland.


  2. Whining geordie.17 July 2010 at 05:39

    Monty man, ya canna be takin the piss out a Gazza an Moaty man, theys legends in the toon man.

    Monty ya gadgie ahm gannin doon toon mesen leyter fer som newcastle broon man, chicken and me shotgun man. an ahm meetin me mate Mooks from that bfw like man. and cheryl cole too like man shes a reet cracker man, the slag.

  3. JAA,

    Chin up mate and I'll speak to you when your back from the good 'ol US of A..


    Very funny,but you uses one word that dropped in a clue of who you really are ;-).Right I need to break my fast,before departing for a days thoughtful contemplation.

    Monty D

  4. Whining Geordie? Tautologly surely? ;-)

  5. mate that was funny,gazza and that lol!!

  6. Blimey people still reading the crap I put on here,all the way back in July ;-0