Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Look What Monty Found

Now I'll hold my hands up here.It is not often that things I publish on this blog just happen to fall into my lap.Little tales that I sometimes embellish to make a story, do require some thought from my amoeba like brain.

Sure my angling trips are an honest and somewhat dull account,if the truth be known.But the politics,sport and what ever else, I some times have to look for.Well not today folks........

While sitting upon Yat Rock and reading the Times newspaper I happened upon this.It's one of those "You could not make it up " moments.And very topical I would say right about now ?I deliberated for about,ooh ten seconds before I thought to "Blog" it.

Thank you Mr.Editor of The Times you have made my day.I'm off now to play golf,not a whole 18 holes.Just the back nine,then a pint or two.Don't fancy fishing this week as I've been out at least twice a week since the season started.So I'll leave the angling until Saturday.As there is more to life than just angling,for me anyhow.

Monty D


  1. Absolute classic Monty, you cannot write this stuff.................. but someone else can PMSL.

  2. We will be fine the Barbel Society without you thank you Monty.And we will do just dandy without your help.It is Barbel fishing it is what we do!!

    Rich Frampton

  3. Tom,



    How can you find time to post on here ?I thought you were busy trying to "Tap Up" Paul Boote,via a hand written letter,to join your "crew".At least you showed some get up and go mate.ATB xx

  4. That's the problem Rich. You and the puppet master do seem to have convinced yourselves that all is fine as the BS hurtles downwards.
    What little credibility those at the top table had left has been lost over this past week.

  5. "Barbel fishing it is what we do"!!

    Now where have I read that before? Oh yes, Popey posted it on the BS forum last week.

    Try thinking for yourself Rich!

  6. *COUGH*

    That got your attention.That is not the real Rich Frampton,I've just put the Yat Phone on and read "Gothca Monty,that is not the real Richie Frampton".Very droll I'm sure but I'll not name you owd BUTT.

    But I know the "real" Rich Frampton look's in here,I still doff my cap for you writeing to try and get Paul Boot involved.It doth show some get up and go.Why am I being nice ?Well the Bard of BridgEnorth says you aint a bad lad really,and if the Bard says it so,then it must be so.

    Fook this need to catch my train into London Waterloo. "Good morning Smither Jones........."

  7. Not me who's masquerading as Frampoodle, Monty.

  8. Yessling,

    I know It were not you.The bloke who text me is a BS member.You like I have not been for a few years now.

    Now you must excuse me I need to trim the hedge ;-)

  9. Why are you writting posts for me on here Monty!!!
    I didn't write the 2nd post at all.....

  10. Rich,

    Did you read all the comments ?I know you did not,It was someone takeing the piss.So relax my little toy soldier. xx