Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I simply Had To

While drinking my coffee this morning,and sitting upon Yat Rock,in the distance I spotted something that made me chuckle like hell.As did many others I'm sure ?In fact the first text message into the "Yat Phone",read like this......."Monty have you seen it yet ?Fuck me It's unbelievable" or "It has to be a wind up,no ?".

Then the phone went from an old chap I know from Bromyard,named the "Double Troubler" so good is he at catching large Barbel.He could hardly speak, through crying with laughter the old boy and indeed I heard his false teeth,fall onto his wonderfully tiled kitchen,he was in bits.

What brought on this mass hysteria of mirth ?Well one must look once more, to Barbel Fatwa World(Sorry folks,but bloody hell),for this absolute gem of a thread.

"What Rods For Droppering".Holy cow I thought Yat Man,this is to good to miss.I mean come on guys how hard can it be ?I've since looked and no it's not a wind up at all.As ever the Fatwa World stalwarts,are now in deep discussion and are dissecting this thread in minute detail,with the merits of certain rods coming to the fore.

This is an absolute top thread, of biblical bollocks of the highest order.And you guys who are taking part deserve this ward from Montys Culture Corner.Enjoy it,but take care if your intolerant to "E" numbers.

Still do not believe me ?Well go take a look,but take care It's pretty messy over that way.

Good day from Yat Rock.

Monty D


  1. Monty

    I would be interested to know what splitshot you can recommend?


  2. I'll admit my "Trotting Skills" are very poor,but when I angle for Roach and Grayling,my man servant,does my "rig".

    Monty D

  3. When I read it I instantly banned the thread from mine eyes lest I wet my pants (again). Poor buggers can't be doing a lot of fishing as they are confined to the keyboard. We should count ourselves lucky.

    Monty which manservant is best?


    PS Google asked me to enter the word knobl this time, seems that computers have a sense of humour too.

  4. Are you suggesting that bfw has slipped a tad of late?

  5. Conrad,

    Best guide is my Gurhka mate Tek Bahadur,I kid you not and I'm in one of his Gurhka books,I'll show you when your down.I'm not the "Twat" many think ;-)


    Slipped ? Albert Pierpoint would be ashamed.Right enough of this for one day,I'm off out for a pint.

    Be lucky all

    Monty D

  6. Who the hell thinks you're a 'twat' Monty? Bloody heathens.

    BFW is a victim of it's own pleasantry, no rucks makes for a dull read. What we need is some happy medium.

    Me I prefer to lurk n laff.

  7. I'm still fecking laughing and it's almost 21:30 fer Chrissakes.
    And not one poster has asked, "what bait dropperererer?"

  8. That's the funniest thing I've read for yonks. Thanks Mont. Not often you find yourself thinking "someone needs to get out less".

    I find the undergardener is often the best for tying ones rigs, fingers smell of worms and manure and he's used to tying the knots the head gardner can't see, poor old sod. We only keep him on for old times sake and his loyalty after the incident in the gazebo. Stout fellow.

  9. Gent's

    I agree with all of the above.I do like though "Someone needs to get out less".Enjoy your day one and all.

    Monty D