Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Good News

I picked up the Anglers Mail today,and on page six they had an article on the viewing figures for "Catching The Impossible".Week one started with 77,000 viewers.This rose to 228,000 by the third episode.

In percentage figures it rose from 3 per cent to 9.6 per cent.That is good in my view.I'll be honest I've only seen a few, what with working over time on a Sunday,or out fishing.But anything that brings "real angling" to mainstream television and not the dross, that Robson Greem peddled is a good thing.I've borrowed the collection from a mate on DVD,they are shot very well.But will never be as good as a "Passion for Angling".Though I think many of us view this series with such love,that we loose sight that time does move on ?

I've seen "Four Season on the Avon" so many times now it's unreal.Watched "Bobs" underwater specials.Both are good.Guy and Stew etc,etc.So if we can get any decent angling programme on the "box" It's a good thing.

How many of us remember "Hooked" ? Wich used to be on the television,maybe BBC 2 ?I must have been,god I reckon I were 11 or 12 ? Was it in 1981 or earlier,I'm not sure to be fair.Though I do recollect watching Ivan Marks,Benny Ashurst,Tommy Pickering,Dick Glegg.I'm not sure if Frank Barlow was about though ?Even younger, I think back and see Jack Hargreaves on television.Pipe going and fishing for Pike,Trout and Tench,I also luckily have the whole series on DVD.Always on,around Sunday lunchtime while Dad were down the "Boozer".Strictly 12-14.00 those days and woe betide anyone in our house, who were late back for Sunday Lunch.(Dad still bears the rolling pin scars)

Then we moved on to John Wilson.Where am I going ?Just be thank full that we the angler,are getting a platform again for our pastime.After some very barren years on the regulation "channels" and not those that prostitute themselves to the great god "Sky" ;-)

Right I must get my tackle ready for after work tomorrow.Oh and It's a little cooler and that has already started to switch my mind,to Roach,Perch and Pike from rivers like this,for the Autumn.Mellow Mists and all that.

Monty D

PS "Barrington the Dark" my Badger mate,"Rock on son,Rock on"


  1. ...must get "Four Seasons...". It'd be good to get some of this stuff on Bluray! I've watched a few of the CTM, and it is well shot, but it's missing charm so far (for me anyway), I'm trying not to be a blinkered/rosy-tinted APFA die-hard...

  2. Just when I post good news.........yep It's a great set of DVDs.A quick post as Mrs.Monty is packing our bags,as Mrs Montys Mum has been taken ill again and is on here way to Hospital has she has had another stroke,this one seems to be big.So not look out for any blog entry's for a while.

    Be lucky all.

  3. Hope everything works out ok J.

    My ol' mum's just gone back in!


  4. Fred,

    Thanks and to the chaps who sent text messages.The Hospital are still doing tests,but the sooner we can get her down here in Surry,as she is in Chadwell Heath,Essex the better.But she mangaged to pass out at the top of the stairs and end up at the bottom.

    Getting old is a sod!But Mrs.Monty the star she is saw no o point in me hanging about at the Hospital,so I'll look after the house this end.And I'll get to go fishing Saturday.

    Ta muchly Babe.

  5. Oh... I do hope that Mrs Monty's mum is ok. I did wonder why you had not been quite so prolific of late. Anyway good to see that you have your priorities right, all the best.