Sunday, 11 July 2010

For Rich Frampton

Rich mate now look here.Going bald is a fact of life for some of us of a certain age ?While others look good in a "combe" over (think Phil Smith) others do not.I plead with you and do the right thing.

Here am I in the conservatory at home.Poor photo I know,but Mrs Monty the mean old lady that she is (sorry love don't hit me,ouch),would not help with the photo as she said "Your all bloody mad".

Go for it mate,you know you want to ?Every ten days get a "Zero",It looks much better.
The we can "strut" our stuff together.

Monty D

PS Well done on your PB.


  1. Monty your a bloody pratt to be true but I bet Pope and his lot in the society,are dead against you rejoining thouh some of the committe love you to death.
    you make me laugh mate and fair play you can take a joke.

  2. The Wanderers............... classic film!

  3. Yat Rock Tandoori12 July 2010 at 05:47

    Bloody hell Mister Monty, last time you come in for Jalfrezi you have flowing long dark locks just like Christine Bleakely.......what go wrong Sir ?

  4. So then "monty" are you trying to tell the world something??

  5. Tandoori Joe,

    It was when we tried to do an "Indian Runner" and you set me on fire ;-(


    Have you seen the film ?I know your favourite is Harold Lloyd more your era.Or are you suggesting I'm a poof ?If so you will be in deep shit ;-0

  6. Great film and some of the gangs are based on real gangs from Hull not New York, for instance did you know that 'Terror' nicked Biggun's vest back in the 60s? It wouldn't fit him now so he let him off.

    I have no idea what the Frampton stuff is on about as I don't visit that particular forum these days, despite the ease of doing so :)

    Biggun when are we off on't Don fluff chucking?

  7. Brrrd doot doot toot peep.

  8. R2-D2,

    I have not got the "Foggiest".And just for once I am lost for words.