Tuesday, 6 July 2010

For The Barbel Society Members

Don't fret you poor,weary and possibly disenfranchised members who still have the faith ?Just listen to Uncle Sam,belt out a real good old fashioned "Movement Song".Will change ever come ?I'm not sure to be honest.

But one thing I do know, I'm not Tony Roccas sycophant as posted elsewhere about people who post on El Spaniards blog.Ain't that right Tony ?Tony you there ? ;-} I genuinely do want to renew but I'm not sure If I could hold my tongue.And fuck me my mouth is big enough,no doubt to get me in trouble.I actually like Tony,yep he speaks his mind and so do I,maybe not always in the right way ?But hell at least some folk have an opinion.

Smile chaps It's just a little poke in the ribs.

Monty D

PS the comment thing is still playing up,so don't fret you'll get your say when the E-Blogger folk sort it arrttt.


  1. Monty you should join again as we may not have to put up with Mr.Frampton talking to himself on the world cup thread.God the man drones on.

  2. We do not need so called anglers like you in the barbel society.so please save us all the hassle and do not bother.

  3. I have voted with my feet this year. The only way change will come is when Popey goes. Bonney and Frampoodle do my head in!!

  4. Firstly these two Anons are not me,in case anyone thinks so.Only pricks post on there own blogs(you know who you are) lol.

    Firstly to Annon at 16.51.I'm not a "so called angler".I'm just my own man,or not depending on what forums you look at ;-0.

    Secound Anon,christ this is hard for a thick twat like me.How do you vote with your feet ?I have trouble with a pen marking an X on the ballot paper ;-)

  5. Monty just to let you know that frampton has posted again on the world cup thread at 9.35 and that is his third post to himeslf.1495 posts since he registerd on the 8/1/08 all are total tosh.