Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Five years ago Today

Some utter scum decided to blow themselves up on Public Transport,thus killing themselves and other Innocent people and wounding many.I remember it very well as London's phone system also collapsed due to "over use".So no body could call loved ones and friends etc.

When we had to leave our offices,I remember the long walk past Buckingham Palace,past Victoria mainline station and out over Vauxhall Bridge.Most of the mainline station were still closed as the Police, still did not really know what was happening.But what will always stay in my mind,people were walking with no pained expressions,or fear.Just a look as If to say "You won't beat us ".

And you know what they were right.I was blown off my feet by the Bishops Gate bomb,back in the 90's as we were at work on the Saturday.We went to get some breakfast not more from a 100 yards from where it exploded.And whooshhhhh,what a mess that made.But we got back up and carried on with our daily lives..

To those that died,you have Montys thoughts today.But you see folks Londoners do not do cowardice,never have,never will.They will try again no doubt.But you won't win!

Have a good day folks Monty D


  1. Good words Monty, good words.

  2. Dave,

    Could have gone a little further to be honest,but I guess somethings are best kept,to ones self ?

    I've got the afternoon free from work,so I'm going to shoot off home now.And pop down the river.

    Monty D

  3. Keep things to yourself? Not like you ;-)

    Have a good 'un.