Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Enough Is Enough ?

No names and no pact drill here,but you lads who wanted a "Proper Row" on another Forum tonight should all take a step back and think.........."Mmmmmmm maybe I do look a right prick ?".Everyone who is anyone knows,that If someone needs to look a total prick,then I win hands down.

I'll agree some people don't look good in others eyes ?And maybe some places are best served by others ?But take a step back and remember,before this stupid,poxy Barbel "War" started, were you not friends ?

I'm bloody serious now and you know who you are,so pick up the phone,please.It's hard to admit your wrong,I've been there and can look back and think "Monty you total Wanker".

Pride.Pride has done for more people, than I can shake a Cane rod at.I'm not saying you will ever make eyes over a pint(though some I'm sure would love to try).But have a think eh ?Now I know you all look in here,piss takes yes,threats of violence no.I mean could any of you really go one round ?Na I think not.

Here is a proper row......Best three rounds ever IMO.

Oh and I had a few hours trotting a float after work today,on a Small river and It was lovely.

Monty D

PS Any snide digs and I will not publish them,but be men and speak eh ?


  1. Thanks Monty for your insight.
    No snide digs from me, but the time had come.
    So, I responded again to the continuous personal baiting,on a site that not to many look in on anyway.
    So it is was personal, but it's gone, to save anybody looking for the exchanges.
    Unlike some, violence was not offered, or threatened by me.

  2. Evening Fred,

    I'm not takeing sides in this at all.I've spoken to people today who were involved last night and those who do not even look on that forum.Those who were invloved views differd to mine.Each to there own.Those who do not even look at that forum said "Your wasteing your time kid,some cuts now run to deep".

    At least this "Young Pup" compared to you lot of old git's tried.Before the intake of breath from some.......I actually meant what I posted.

    Monty D

  3. Hi Monty,

    You dead right, that's a proper 'row' and probably the best ever 'street-fight' in the ring."Marvelous" Marvin and the original (and only real) "Hitman" Hearns......Ricky Hatton only adopted the monica, it belonged to Thomas.

    Thanks, really enjoyed seeing that again!!


  4. Mike,

    Hagler got out as you no doubt know,with his "wits about him".And made a living in Italy.Tommy "slops" out in the famous Kronx Gym.