Monday, 12 July 2010

Close But Not Close Enough

Well Spain won the World Cup.And earlier in this blog I mentioned I backed Argentina to win it at 13/2.That went down the "Karsi".

But I also mentioned that I backed Spain to win it at 4/1 and David Villa to be top goal scorer at 8/1.The double would have paid 45/1.

Alas there were four joint "Top Scorers".So I only got 2.25/1 for David Villa,as the odds get split four ways.So instead of collecting £450.00,I picked up today £162.50,like I said close but not close enough.

While on the subject of football and money.How much do you think a 20 year old reserve team player at Liverpool FC gets per week ?A grand ?Three grand ?A chap I know has a son who is at the club,not a friend just someone I know.I bumped into him today.His lad is on 8 grand a week.If he is called into the first team,he gets another 3 grand.And If he plays he picks up another 3 grand on top.Plus an apartment free of charge for a year.After that he has to support himself.Nice work If you can get it eh ?

That's the football out of the way.Let's get back onto fishing.I'll be out after work on Wednesday,not sure where or for what yet.I'll wait and see.

Monty D


  1. ...well I went fishing, having a day off. It was crap, thanks for asking. I hate moorhens. Caught one though, they fight hard...

  2. So how was your day then ? I thought you were getting ready to "Fish the Big Blackfoot" ?Still If we caught every time we fished,we would all be named "Stef Horak".;-)