Thursday, 29 July 2010

Best Ending To An Angling Book ?

I'll put July's Blog pages to bed today,as I'll be a little busy until early next week.Now July has been a really feisty and juicy month.A little like a cheeky Sauvignon Blanc (Oyster Bay is not a bad drop),some like it some don't.In fact I've been asked by my older readers who are aged over 45, to tone it down a little.As there pace makers can't hack it.

And I agree.August will be like a slow meander along your favourite river,and I'll stop to smell the Roses.Just to keep the Status Quo you understand (crap group by the way).Unless something pops it's ugly head up,like a Gopher,in Caddy Shack.Then who knows ?

Is this the best ever ending to a an Angling book ?.Read along with uncle Monty......

"It was only the flagstaff on the highest point of the mountain,that the rising sun behind and below threw out in bold relief.Those mighty hills were between me and the rising sun,hence the deception.It looked beautiful-just the tip of the mountain flooded in one glorious halo of light,and the valley where I stood all darkness and gloom".

"I have never forgotten it; when I retraced my steps and sat down to that morning meal the ham and eggs and the cups of tea were all the sweeter.The holiday was all the brighter;the grayling fought that much better;The chub of those "Celtic fringes",as great as a statesman once called the country,seemed to have redder fins,and leaped with more freedom than their brothers of the Trent"

"It was that flagstaff that caused the difference.I have made it my motto ever since.If all seems dark and gloomy around my feet I look up,and can still see that shaft of light,pointing upwards from the gloom,and read in it a bright message of hope,and joy and peace."

Who wrote those very evocative words ? I'm sure most know, and have delved into this wonderful book,over and over again.For those who do not,you can get this very cheaply from the Medlar Press.It will not teach you an awful lot tactically,but read it and between the lines and you'll see not an awful lot has changed.

Until next week,be lucky.

Monty D

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  1. Very nice old chap, a calmer water is needed in the coming months i feel.