Saturday, 24 July 2010

Bean Sticks And Barbel

Had a cracking day out today with my mate "The Gruffalow",or known as Donnie Kev to others.Why I do not know? His been Daan Saarf since I was 4 years old.That makes him older than Tom Bombadil.Who ?

No rush to get to the river today,I got up and went for a run to stretch the legs.It's where I miss the dog to be fair,as you can run over the common like I did today at 06.30 or you can walk a dog and your fine.But If your a single male, who just wants to go for a walk at 06.30, in the eyes of the law YOU ARE A RAPIST.

Anyway "Gruff" picked me up at 08.30 and we had a poodle across the country, stopping for a fry up where many other anglers go.Now I spoke to Popsy in the week about the said cafe,and had to take a peek at the loo's as he suggested.I'll say right here,right now I've not seen a "Shit House" look that rough since Keith Moon were alive.And no way will "Gruff" and I be eating there again.Trust me 'Pon Dat,dread.

The fishing ? Well we got lucky today with the weather,last night a large dollop of rain had fallen.It's not made an awful lot of difference to the levels,but may have pepped it up a bit ?We both started to fish at 11.00hrs and packed up at 18.45 hrs.And we caught all through the day, from a variety of swims both roaming, on a separate beat of the fishery to my visit last week.

Not rocket science to be honest as neither of us are good anglers,just average like many.What did we both look for ?A decent depth off the rod tip and some cover to draw the fish out from.Simple baits and simple rigs and a bit of stealth and that were it.

"Gruff" had five Barbel and I had six,to 9.1(though the pic is obviously not of the 9.1,but that doth show the swim),hence It's not on here.Now five and six respectively, may not seem a lot for a day, for you chaps who fish the Trent,Wye,and Severn ?But on small rivers down Saarf It's not a bad return in the summer.As when we packed up, a fair few anglers were arriving and saying "Your missing the best time lads,you'll have one or two in the dark".Of course lads,of course.

So that's about it to be honest,though I did tread in dog shit,while getting into the van,and thought about starting fishing again.But how greedy do you need to be ?

Just one of mine from today.

Monty D


  1. David Ditchman ABE25 July 2010 at 09:24

    Nice picture Monty.......but that round thing near your hook lets it and you down shame on you man.

  2. Actually Monty even us Trenters would be pretty happy with 6 barbel from a daytime session. Well I would anyway - but then I am no longer afflicted by the ugly Trent gluttony of some. That need to bait up with kilos of bait and all their hook links lined up, pre baited in preparation lest the 3 minutes it takes them to tie a new hooklength costs them a fish which would reduce there annual brag factor by 0.0034%. It's more like a military exercise than a day out fishing - Pah! Been there done that.

    I now go to rivers where I'm be happy with one or two during the day with less and less tackle and less and less bait. The result? More and more enjoyment! Of course I can occasionally go to the Trent an' fill me boots on a night session if I so wish. We have the best of both worlds up here I suppose, choice is a blessing don't ya think?

    Were the facilities at the cafe as bad as the bog on train-spotting?

  3. DD,

    I was stuck mate to be fair,I could not catch any Crickets,so resorted to my home rolled ;-0.

    Are you winding me up ?Do people really have ready baited rigs in a line ?I carry about 15 or so hooklinks tied up,though I seldom use them as I normally tie my on the bank.

    Anyway only 55 minutes to the Pub opens ;-)

  4. Top stuff Monty, well done.

    Only an average angler.................. never.

  5. ...I put the bait on the hook, me. Old fashioned I know...


    Nice catch though Mont.