Sunday, 18 July 2010

Barbel Bream and Numptys

Nice day in the sun again yesterday,catching a few fish and listening to Radio 5 live and The Open.Monty's bets have blown out though as I backed Rose and Poulter each way.Never mind eh It's only money.

Anyway caught a few Barbel and a Chub and a single solitary Bream,all in daylight hours I hasten to add.No "noddy " night fishing for Monty this week,guile,stealth and a large degree of luck is my mantra.

But where does the numpty come in.About 15.45 another angler walked past me and settled in, two swims up.No problem I thought,though why so near me when you have literally miles to go out ?I'll be honest now, one thing I do not like to do while on the bank, is to encroach on another anglers enjoyment.Anyway within 5 minutes I heard "Sploosh",this then went on constantly I kid you not,for the next hour.I now had the fucking 'ump.I walked up to enquire in a polite manner how he was getting on."Maggot feeder mate,its the way to go in conditions like this".Yep he was right,but instead of a dropper he was casting and re-casting a large FOX (That's a Tenner please Cliff),feeder,again and again.I went and got my gear and moved,can't be doing with that racket on small rivers.At precisely 17.15 he walked back past me and said "It's shite mate,rivers out of sorts"He then left for home.Now I blame Stef Horak for this debacle,in the right hands It's a deadly method.But by Christ a little knowledge is a bad thing.So CAT and Stef,would you please in future give away a FREE bait dropper ?And an idiots,step by step guide on how to use it ?I thank you.

Here is a little picture of a narrow stretch I was on yesterday,so you can see what I mean, does It really need a dirty great feeder over and over crashing into it ?

And to show I'm also a numpty,what was going on in this photo ?I don't take an awful lot of fishy pictures,but felt I must put my exploits on here,to show I also go fishing a couple of times a week (Even with a full time job,you Sussex dole ponce) ;-).As well as piss and moan on here.Crap picture and very much how not to do it.

Anyway droned on enough,enjoy your Sunday.

Monty D


  1. Blimey Monty, a picture straight out of one of my cameras.............. wow i thought it was just me LOL

    Even in Valhalla one has to put up with the odd undesirable, it is a fact of money, still when the inclement weather is upon us these undesirables will remain at home and become the internet fishermen we all love and laugh at.

  2. Monty old chap, you should have given it an hour then fished over the maggots.

    As for the picture, better an out of focus barbel than an out of focus minnow any day.

  3. Tom,

    You'll have to wait and see what I've thought up now ;-)


    And where pray tell would you assume I winkled out the Bream ?:-(

  4. Monty. Go upstream to the weir Son. Waiting for you there.


  5. G,

    "You were waiting and I was late".Not today though mate,had just two hours trotting some corn elsewhere.

    Though I'll be about up that way on Saturday,though further down.If your about I'll look out for you xx.

    Monty D