Wednesday, 2 June 2010

This Months CAT

Now I do not normally buy this magazine between March and July, owing to in my opinion Lot's of the articles being regurgitated by the authors.That's not a criticism as most are very good writers,with a wealth of knowledge to pass on and it's a fact of life, that things will come out that you may have read before ?

But I had a phone call about a couple of articles that I may find of interest.One was by Archie Braddock and how the last 15 years or so he has not used a wire trace for his dead baiting for Pike,but uses a Braid hook length.It's a subjective piece to be honest and it obviously works for him.It's a lenght'y article and worth a read if you can.My take on it ?Well it's not for me to be honest,I'll keep using a wire trace for my Pike fishing.But fair play to Archie for writing the article it makes you think.He is though a pains to point out, that he uses a wire trace for Lure fishing.And that's what I want in an article,to trouble my minimal grey matter.

The other was penned by Pete Reading,on how possibly the threat of Otter predation, may be exaggerated on our Barbel stocks ?Pete gives a very reasoned view on other aspects, that may also be accountable for the downturn in Barbel captures over the last two years or so.It's probably the most intelligent,anti rant view I've read yet.I do not agree with all he says,but read it your self If you can.I may even re-join the BS on the strength of the article ? I best phone Biggun in the morning.

Now onto Phil Smith and Stef Horak.Now these two guy's until a couple of years ago used to write articles in tandem about their angling exploits.Then stopped very abruptly.I used to enjoy these two gent's writing to be honest.Stef was the loud mouth "Bad Cop" upsetting the apple cart,while Phil was like a kindly uncle,but with a worse hair style.:-)I've heard a few tales about what happened,though it would be wrong of me to drag that out.But it involved some one slipping off and catching some nice Perch and not informing the Specimen Group they both belong to.I'll not elaborate more,as I hear good things.

It seems they are talking agian ?So gent's this little song by Simon and Garfunckle is deidcated from Monty to you.I hope you can let things go and move on,as true friends should never fall out over angling ?And I look forward to reading about your trips together again ?It would be really nice.

Monty D

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  1. Bournmouth Bugler would like to say that i hope it is true then perhaps Pete Reading will let stef stay at his house again when he visits the region.