Sunday, 6 June 2010

Spawn Spotters Lay Down Your Weapon

Spawn spotters your work is now done for another year(possibly)?Had a very early morning walk yesterday along a syndicate stretch I've joined for the fourth coming season.By early, I mean we were on the river for 06.00,that's with a fair drive to get to the venue.Then away by 09.00,back home then a quick shower and off to the Derby.

We walked about 4.5 miles and saw plenty of various species.The surrounding flora and fauna was in full bloom and every thing just felt right about the place.We found half a dozen small shoals of Barbel numbering about six to eight fish per group.Mostly single figure fish,but with two that were good doubles and one that may have been just nudging that figure ?And guess what ? They were on the munch hard, which says to me that this years spawning is over.I can almost hear a grown of dismay from certain individuals who are still trying to creep about unmolested,and "Spawn Spot".It was though joking aside, good to see so many fish all along the river and not just in a few hundred yards.

Now some people have a poor view of syndicates ?Some say they are elitist ? Others say they are the death knell of river angling ?Well In my view I could not give a flying fuck what people think to be honest.Never have,never will.I'm paying a few bob to fish in a limited membership venue,away from rubbish and other detritus that seems to be more and more prevalent on the bank side these days.Catch at all cost mentality,and just in general annoying fuckers.

Angling is still very cheap IMO.I had a season ticket for around 21 years at a premiership football club,that goes up and down at will.It rose from 90 quid to near 750 quid over the last twenty years or so.For around 90 minutes entertainment(or not) every two weeks.I knocked it on the 'ead as Sky TV has screwed the real football fan years ago with the staggerd kick off times.But that's a proper rant best saved for another day.A round of golf cost's me 40 quid,so what I have paid out for next seasons angling, is a good deal IMO.One Syndicate and one normal club ticket has cost less than 350 quid,for 9 months of fishing.

So their you have it folks.My view from Yat Rock.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Monty D


  1. Hey Monty, couldn't agree more about the syndicate thingy,too many complaining about the costs rather than viewing the benefits to be gained.

  2. Sounds fab. Sat here listening to the second innings, might pop out for a bit in the evening with the usual loaf and optimism.

    Garden calls in the meantime…

    Fishing is still reasonably cheap if you want, I agree. I pay out £150 tops for permits, including an under the counter deal at a day ticket way for unlimited access. That’s two clubs.

    Even given my complete addiction to buying bits and bobs, the dog still costs Mrs AA more...bless her little brown ears. The dog’s that is.

  3. Looks nice Monty, very nice.

    I know a few of the members and they all say that the place is spot on and great value for the money.

  4. Monty, be good to see yer down there, cocker.
    I'll show you how to fish bread for boris.
    Gotta dash, me radio show is about to start.


  5. Syndicate bollocks...if you want to join a syndicate, pay up. If that’s not an option (as like any club, you have no ‘right’ to join) gather your own fellows around you, contact the landowner (land registry on-line, costs about £40) and offer more money. And quit bleating in the meantime…

    Just saying…

  6. JAA,

    I know you wanted to get that off your chest ;-)