Sunday, 27 June 2010

A River Runs Through It

For us sorry England fans.OK let's get this off my chest,it would have been an equalising goal for Fat Frank.But we were a poor side today.From defence to our attack we were bereft of ideas.

I'll not single anyone out and do a "number" from goal keeper to attack,as I can't be arsed as the whole lot are poor!I'm so glad I'm not going into work on Monday,as many of you are(he,he).But shall be fishing.

Chaps this is what it's all about.Great book and a great film and just remember......We the angler don't need some over paid wally to spoil our life.

Tight Lines from Monty D(Even If you hate this blog,but still look in ?)


  1. ...well I'm embarressed really. It's time our footy boys grew up and played for their country.

  2. JAA,

    Showing pride would be to easy.Years ago before Sky got its claws in the game.Players would get an increase in wages If they played for England.Now they earn so much It matters little.

    But what do the "Plastics" care as long as they get the Prem,beamed straight into there homes ?