Sunday, 27 June 2010

Ready ?

I'm in the office for a few hours today, as I'm a money grabbing, over time working heathen to be here on the Sabbath.Plus I need the cash for a new Cane rod I've got my eye on.I've just had a text message from a mate who lives in Scotland,Lossie Mouth to be exact and what a shit hole that place is.It makes the Fens,look sophisticated."Monty I hope to fuck that you lot get smashed to bit's today,as your national football team are an over paid,bunch of C***s,no offence mate but your lot make me sick"

Nice touch eh ?What can I say to that ?Well you can worry about the English football team when......You pay for your kids to go to University.You pay for your prescriptions.You stop poncing off the English tax payer, as now Labour and it's Scottish Cabal of a government have been found out.I think you lot will turn to the Buckfast on mass ?How about a vote on devolution ?No my little fat friend, you get all worked up,in your midge infested Troll caves.And hate us as much as you want.That goes for the rest of the Celtic nations too.

You see the fact is YOU ALL WANT TO BE ENGLISH.But you just can't admit can you ?You have an inherent loathing of us that borders on the ridiculous.But you can't get the fact that we laugh at you and your ilk,with pity.

I predict today an England win in 90 minutes!And for us England fans here is a wonderful,stirring hymn that makes the hairs on my neck stand up.I'll not get to pissed up this afternoon as I have to cook the "Rice and Peas" and get my tackle ready for some Carp tomorrow if they have done with the conjugal fun.But If we loose don't fret my proud countrymen,just think it could be worse you could be a Jock.

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Enjoy your Sunday all.

Monty D


  1. Monty, i for one will be cheering on the England football team and i hope they go all the way and win the trophy. The only time i will not cheer England is when they play Scotland.

    Enjoy your carp fishing tomorrow mate, the temp has just gone 40.7 on my patio so i don't think i will take my lily white Scottish skin out in this :)

  2. Just remind your jock mate what language he's talking ;-)

    However, I don't feel very proud to be an Englishman this evening. Piss poor effort from a dejected team.

  3. Dave,

    His a good lad really,known him for nearly 20 years.But he is going to purchase the DVD of yesterdays game and watch it over and over so he tells me.

    But yes It was truly a shocking effort from our "Lion Hearts".