Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Phew Wot A Scorcher

Blimey it's hotter than a BS AGM,when Tref's cross down here today.Had a few hours after work and decided against Barbel as I'm not to happy fishing "smash and grab" sessions on small rivers around this time of year,for the species.I'll be honest and I may lay my self open to some "stick" now ?But I have had a fish go belly up on me about six years ago.It was in the net quick,left to rest and unhooked in the water.No photo or weighing as it was about 6/7lbs.

I held it for an hour,but it's eyes just went a very steel grey colour.Then just died.So now when it gets very hot, I fish for other species.Please notice I said Barbel and not some other pony name like "Boris","Beard" etc,etc.

I took a small bag of mixers down the river to try for a few Carp off the top.This river has some cracking Carp.Mostly washed in over the last few years,though we have been catching them from about ten years ago while fishing for Barbel.

Mid June and this beat has not been fished,well it holds no Barbel according to the experts?"To slow mate" or "Not enough gravel"."No weed".I'm sure you have all met the expert ?Does it bowlocks lads,but you fish the same swims day after day.Rant for another day that.

Now I'm not to comfortable about giving to much away of where I fish.Not because I catch Lot's,but I'm selfish and value peace and quiet.Ten hours with a few fish as opposed to bagging up surrounded by others does it for me.I found a small shoal of Carp on the top that are not really fished for.But by Christ they have been cagey these last few years.They seem to know you are around ?Well would you If some twat came ambling along the bank after you have been in peace for months.

Wind was blowing upstream,carp followed the bait.Montys mixer stood untouched.Up sticks and into more nettle beds,stung to buggery and cast out.I nailed the smallest one of the shoal.Not much of a fight and a very portly little chap who goes by the name of "Biggun" after today's capture.Not weighed,just a quick snap and slipped back.That was it for me.But I'll be back on Friday as It's getting hotter,and you know what ?I love small river Carp on light gear.

Monty D

Little Chubber 'aint he.


  1. cheeky twat, you've not seen my new svelte appearance then!

  2. Mr.Biggun I would hardly call getting down to 19 stone "Svelte".And I see the BS Comm. Expenses were up 300%.Would this be down to your sandwich consumption ? ;-0

  3. Nice, like the idea of surface fishing the river carp, wonder if there are any on the Stour? Try Tesco's sandwich white tin Monty, it's deadly stuff...

  4. It's a lot more "svelte" than 21 stone!!!

  5. You're aking me feel all thin and slender, thanks lads.

  6. JAA,

    Biggun 'aint called Biggun for nowt.Back to the football.

  7. If biggun keeps going the way he is we will have to call him 'medium un' it just doesnt have he same ring to it somehow.
    Get back on the Stella Mike.