Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Monty's World Cup View

May as well jump on the bandwagon as within a day or two the whole country will go "In-ger-land" mad.Plastic fans will crawl out of the woodwork to offer their punditry,although they have never been to a live football match in their lives.

Grown men will put on their "In-ger-land" shirts,and look well, just fat to be honest.In my view replica synthetic football shirts,look best on kids.Once you get over 16 you look plain daft to me.Wives and girlfriends will say "Football on again ?".They will start this around Saturday evening.You will then be told "Do not call the man in black a cheating C**t",when he sends Wayne Rooney off again in a World Cup.Or "Do you have to stand when the national anthem is played ?".You get my drift I'm sure.

Now let's get this out the way.England will not win the world cup!We are far to reliant on Rooney to get our goals IMO,and as stated he will get sent off.Defensively we look pretty solid.But I hope Upson does not play.I watched him enough at Upton Park last season and about 4 away games, to see that his ball distribution is very poor.Yes we were a bad side but he was shite!Green in goal ?Great shot stopper but very poor with crosses and he does not command his box enough.So I would go for David James,I can see Green at Arsenal in goal next season though.;-).Our wonderful board are of the "flog the lot brigade" and bring in cheap imports on two or three year contracts like they did with Brum.

I'm going to back Argentina to win it at around 13/2.With a strike force of Messi,Higuain,Milito,Tevez and Aguero they are worth a punt in my book.Brazil as ever will go well as Dunga is a very shrewd coach.Spain are the classiest side in the competition,but history is against them.And of course the Germans.Mostly though enjoy it as no doubt some superb and open games await us ?

Now being West Ham through and through having attended my first game in 1975 with my 'Ol man aged 5.And have been going ever since.So please excuse my very indulgent video of "Sir" Bobby Moore.Sure he was not an angel but who is ?He liked a drink for most of his early carrear,and my Dad had been to a game back in the 60's midweek at Upton Park.The pitch was a mud bath and after the game they went back to the "Queens" for a drink.Ten minutes later in walked "Sir" Bobby and I think John Bond as well my old man told me ?They had come off the pitch,not had a bath but just put there suits on,over the top and needed a beer.Would not happen today mind.I used to walk to Upton Park until about,11 years ago,time does fly by.A football team IMO,is about where you were born,your roots and your family's roots.You support where you come from.Not some other team at the other end of the land as they have won Lot's of trophy's.No matter how poor or what league we play in.I'm proud to say I'm "West Ham".

Enjoy the tournament and remember It's only a game.(Like fuck is it)

Monty D


  1. About time you mentioned West Ham and stopped going on about fucking fishing.


  2. Yessling Ying.10 June 2010 at 05:23

    Couldn't agree with yow more Monts, about supporting a team from where you live. Not like nowadays is it. You "buy" into a successful football team by "following" them on Sky, buying the replica kits and having a sticker in your car. Plastic, what's the point ?

    As you know, I don't really follow football nowadays but I'm looking forward to the World Cup..............bring it on shag.

  3. TP,
    My little Indian friend,go back to our football forum and stop stalking me ;-)

    Spot on mate.

  4. Oh and tonight at 21.00 hrs,"The Bobby Moore Story" is on again.Well worth a watch.