Saturday, 19 June 2010

Monty Saves England

Yes gent's I had a call today from "Don" Fabio about how to save England.While at work I pondered hard on this and came up with a game plan.Not only will England beat Slovenia with this striker.We will win the lot!

I'm expecting a call in the New Year,arise Sir.Monty has a certain ring to it.Does it not?Just take a look at the mans foot work.You heard it here first.Apologies for the poor voice editing,Ken Loach has always been very stringent on his work being shown on Youtube.But has vowed to allow it properly soon,to avoid efforts such as I've uploaded.

Monty D


  1. Ha Monty that evoked a memory or two we all had an ego driven sports teacher at school.

  2. (Sir) Monty,

    Can't have you hanging around on tenter hooks 'til New Year, so we've set up a No.10 petition for a review of Mrs.Windsor [Snr.] Birthday Honours List for your late inclusion.

    Apart from waiting, if you get it as a late afterthought your next Christmas prezzies will sure to be a better quality than those of us untitled........... and you could get the job off the failure an' all.


  3. Mike,

    A mate of mine bumped into a mate of yours on Friday before he left to drive back oop Narth.Martin James,I arrived after he had left.

    He said he was a total gent.Martin gave him a few tips and now my mate is all set to get about ten loaves of bread.Also Martin showed him the manuscript for is new book.

    Tell him,from me to look out for Monty ;-)

  4. Monty,

    You can see an account of MJ's adventure u-no-where on his website.

    The guy brought my Winter chubbing to new heights in 2001/2002 after I retired and spent hours on t'Aire, Ribble, Bain and Kennet wid him.

    I can say, without fear of contradiction, he is one of the best anglers I have ever seen in action; he can Wallis cast onto a tanner at 20yds., winkle barbel out on bread crust/flake when they'll look at nowt else.......... and he can catch barbel on the fly/nymph an' all. Considering he's now 73 yrs. yung, he can leave me standing on a 'yomp' accross fields an' along banks and that's being in remission from MS.

    He's also one of our true patriots, English thru' an' thru' and a great supporter of the Armed Services, 'specially those guys injured-in-action and needing a little bit of R&R and care & attention. He actually met W.S.C. at Blenheim, when looking for a lake to fish!!

    Good mind to put him up as well as yersel, mate!!


  5. Monty,

    I've booked you onto the next plane to SA to sort the whinging-boys-team out, for the mnoey they get it's time all were grown up and gave it their full attention. (good clip all PE teachers everywhere must cringe at it).

    Caught any barbel yet?

    (btw went to the MJames website and found prescription fishing bins. Awesome, off to buy a pair.)

  6. JAA,

    All P.E Teachers were like that,but looking back I'm sure most of us have very fond memories ?

    As for proper fish.Just bothering the silvers last Friday.I hope to amend that tommorow eveing.

    Monty D

  7. Fond memories? I hated school...