Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday Club

How many people woke up today hung over and despondent after yesterdays debacle in the Football ?I reckon a fair few to be honest ?Not I though, I popped back down the river to see If the Carp I looked at on Friday had finished spawning ?Indeed they had but instead of a fair few fish mooching about It could have been a different river.Hardly anything was showing at all.Bugger!

I spent the first two hours with a bottom bait on, to no avail.As the sun got higher into the sky a few Carp started to show,swimming up and down the river mid water but not on the top.Just as if to say "We are here and we sure as hell know you are".I started to feed mixers but that still did not work.I was getting a little perplexed to be honest.What to do ?

I decided to go "balls out" and just keep feeding.The problem with floater fishing on the river(well this river anyhow),is that you have the flow going downstream,and normally a wind blowing upstream.So your bait gets spread about a bit.The fish though are cute and they will not help you by slurping in mixers under your feet,where It's easier to present a bait.One fish in particular kept doing a circuit,far bank slurp,slurp,slurp.Downstream about 30 yards,circle back up the near bank and slurp,slurp,slurp.Spot my bait and just ignore it.It had me pulling my hair out.We have all been there while floater fishing.

I was going to pack up at 12.30 as It was bloody hot.I flicked the controller over the far bank and watched the Carp go off on it's circuit.I quickly wound the bait across the river to try and intercept it before the flow took it out of kilter.It went past again and In my head I was laughing as this fish, had pummelled me on the ropes for about 90 minutes.Then it stopped, turned around and slllllluuuurrrrrrrrrp.Hit into the fish and it went quickly downstream,me grabbing the net and following.

It always looks so smooth when you see this on the DVDs by the "named" anglers.I and my net were caught up in Brambles,nettles while trying to hold on to a very angry Carp.I managed to get her back up,then she dived under some tree roots.But,thankfully giving no line and plenty of side strain she came out.Into the net.

You know the drill ?Cheeks puff out with a sigh of exultation and a huge cheesy grin.I left her in the net to rest for 5 minutes as I do with most species now.Up onto the mat,a quick snap and back she went,slapping a tail as If to say "You got lucky Monty,I just felt sorry for you,getting stung,bitten and burnt never again though"

I think she was worth, putting me through a few hours of "Chase Me" though.

As I ever when I left the river, I turned and looked at her and said "Thank You".


PS Caught on a Dave Lumb P2,a great rod.


  1. Well done there Monts, a fine fish to a perservering angler, many congrats.

    However, I had to have a wry smile at the "pulling my hair out" bit, but who the feck am I to talk !

  2. Nice Monty, well worth the effort. Its great when you have to work for em.

    Your great Uncle William was on the radio this dinner time talking on the "real" siuation in Afganistan, an interesting bloke.

  3. Looks like that one has seen some action Monty, good fishing old chap.

  4. Gent's

    I thank you.As for Uncle William,his Farther was Spuffington Dalrymple.A man of many tales and a fine fellow.

    I must check the Dalrymple family tree :-)

  5. Floater fishing can do yer 'ead in for sure, but a nice result...