Thursday, 24 June 2010

Just when You Think You Have Seen It All

Lovely bright morning here from Yat Rock,and looking around the wonderful world once more of fishing forums.I have chanced upon this absolute peach of a question, that just made me howl in anguish like a Banshee.

"Which Isotope Adaptor,For Which Rod".You have got to read it all to believe it!I'm sure you can guess on which forum my beady little spy glass is peeking at ?This has given me an idea to be honest.I may instigate a weekly prize for the most inane,daft,ridicules question out in Internet land.I'll best check with my sponsor Chris Lythe(I've not forgotten you Chris,so do not worry) first though.

How do these people get on in the "real" world ?Little post it notes around the house telling them to "Breathe In","Breath Out" etc,etc ?I should be more charitable to be true, as I look a right nasty peace of work I'm sure ?But I just can't pass up these kind of opportunities.They are Manna from Heaven for a blog like this,you know don't take me self to serious.Laugh at others as well as me self.

Anyway best be 'orf to the station and commute into the bustling Metropolis,but I go safe in the knowledge that more,much more mundane "stuff" awaits to be discovered in the land of the "Forum".

A good day to you from Yat Rock.

Monty D


  1. Angling Times starry-eyed we once asked the famous “Eugene” on the Rye Dyke what his shotting pattern was. Breathless we waited for his considered reply…
    “Two big ones by the float and a little one near the hook.”. I still use this exact pattern today.

    Topic hijack. Bought the local permit for a favourite lake, paid the cash. Then was told with considerable pride that he’d removed every overhanging and underwater snag he could find as folk were losing fish in the snags. I felt like Elmore Blues in BB” standing outside the prison with head hanging. Too late to get a refund I went home. Fishery management for the benefit of morons, any hook size over size 8 is banned as well. Twats, complete and utter fucking twats.

  2. JAA,

    High Jack way mate.It's the catch at all cost brigade who give no thought of how you may safely land your quarry.

    Some swims on some of the rivers I fish look superb,but getting the fish back would be a problem.So you leave them IMO.A bugger yes ?But that's how it should be.

  3. …the point is that the lake got stripped because idiots fish light tackle against snags and bitch when they get broken (the pole fishers against the lilies are the worst, I’ve watch some get broken up over and over and then start cutting the lilies down (eh?)) So now the fish have no safe havens and less natural food…I’ll fish near the snags with stout stuff (12/14lb often) and loose ought, unfashionable, but the correct approach. Mind you there are swims that you just cannot fish, 14lb line or no.