Friday, 11 June 2010

Fridays Tips

This will be the last few tips for a for a couple of weeks, as I'll not be anywhere near a 'puter and I'll be away fishing so here goes....

Firstly If you are feeling down or despondent ?Or are just in need of cheering up ?Take a look at BFW,or Barbel Fatwa World as It's known to some.It's the most unintentionally funny load of Barbel zealots,going on and on like a scene from Groundhog Day.Let it not be said that not one question is so mundane, that it can not be discussed and dissected in minute detail!Honest it provides some real mirth and it will either make you chuckle ?Or put your hand in your mouth and cringe ?Chief wind up merchant on that site ?We'll I'll not name him but I doubt he likes the Jam song "Eton Rifles" ?With apologies to the Bard of Bridgenorth who is the "Top Boy" over that way.

Secondly back to gambling.Spain to win the world cup at 4/1 double it with David Villa to be top goal scorer at 8/1.For a measly "Tenner" this pays around £450.00.Done this yesterday as a "Hedge" against my Argentina bet.

Lastly Channel 4 Sunday morning at 07.00,Catching the Impossible.It's all about viewing figures so just get up and turn the T.V on if you must go back to bed.But "we" the angler must try and get good viewing figures for this.Anything with Mr.Cribbins in,is superb..He made "A Passion for Angling" for me with his wonderful narration.He should be knighted the old boy.

I'll be out on the river on Saturday, to try and photograph a mythical beast that has been terrorising the natives.And will report my findings with some diligence,I can assure you.

From Yat Rock enjoy your day.

Monty D


  1. Let us not forget the Doctor Who film that sweet Bernie Cribbs was in. And didn't he do the voices on The Wombles too ?

    Enough said.

  2. Bard of BridgEnorth11 June 2010 at 06:56

    Quality Blog again Monty...........

  3. Right said Fred.

    Ta for the heads up on CTI on TV, I'll set the PVR...I bought the first three disky thingies but after a watch didn't feel the urge to re-watch (or shell out for the others), after a suddent attack of "bowlerisatwatitis", which nothing seems to cure.

    Waiting for the blu-ray PFA ;-)

    Good week-end all.

  4. Barbel Fatwa World :)

  5. The Bard of BridgEnorth posting on my blog.What next pray tell ?May even get the Sussex Hermit and Dumbo out in the open.

    Must dash need to get some photo's :-}