Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fridays Tip- A Day Early

I'm not going to be about for a couple of days,and the Friday tip must be done,as It's the thing I enjoy most on here.So here goes......................I'll be at Epsom Downs on Saturday for the "Derby".Now I'll not give you a tip for a horse(Though I'll be backing Workforce).

No the tip is for all you gentle folk who do not pay to get in,but watch the race from the various free vantage points around the track.IF and it's a big IF,when you have a bet take care with who you back with.You see over the years many "Moody" bookies have taken up to 40 grand on the race,only to slip away when the race starts.For them "Joe Public" the once a year backer stands out like a sore thumb to these characters.And they are not "Bookies" at all,but wrong 'uns.You have been warned!I'll doubt we will see a horse of this class again in the footage ?

Now I was brought up around gambling.My Dads old man was a "Bookies" runner back in the day in Hackney.And my old man and his mates owned Greyhounds that used to run at the long gone and sadly missed Hackney Wick.Some Blunder,Black Felt and Mr.Chips were three that spring to mind.I went to my first "dog" meeting about 8 years old and have loved it since.The characters I met over the years,"Yiddish Morri" the Tailor."Winkle" as he was built like a brick shit house."Stan the Man" nasty piece of work.Many more and to many story's to tell,and now sadly hardly any dog tracks remain.And with this the old characters disappear ?

My old man told me a story from years ago.......................

Before I was born,him and my late Godfather went to a mid week meeting at the "Wick".They got a tip for a dog,and piled in with their meager wages.Then walks down the dogs owner to back to the dog,him self.A certain Mr.Reggie Kray.Now the price had been cut a fair bit.And Mr.Kray wanted to know "Why my 'effin dog aint at the 'effin price I wanted to back it at ?"

The bookie spotted two young geezers and pointed them out to Mr.Kray.He backed the dog and walked passed my old man and my late Godfather.Needless to say the dog "pissed" up and a few bob was won.After everyone had collected their winnings.Mr.Kray sent someone down to ask my Dad if he could have a word.You can't say no really ?

All he said was "Right next time you back my 'effin dog,make sure I've backed the 'effin thing before.OK ?""Now 'eff off,oh and well done"."Oh and say hello to your Dad,for me"

My old man moved faster than the one dog I'm sure.

So take care you gullible folk,OK ?

Monty D

Edit those wags from Youtube have barred the Derby Vid,buggers :-(


  1. 3-5-6 combination through the card monty used to be the way to go at Belle Vue.

  2. Dog races are for poor people!Henley Regatta is where the real gambling people go you know old bean.

    Captain Peacock

  3. Workforce as Monty said on Thursday;-)

  4. Just seen your blog Monty, and you were absolutely bang on with workforce. Keep the tips coming in, i may have a flutter next time.