Monday, 21 June 2010

For England and St.George

With Wimbledon starting today and it being fairly near home (I do not really reside on Yat Rock).I would urge all patriots to get behind anyone except Andy Murray.Why ?Well why not ?It's nowt against our friendly cousins from across the Wall.I just dislike the lanky,morose,sour faced sod.

The Scottish press go into over drive about how he is Scottish and not British.I'll go along with that as I'm English and not British.So please have a stinker Andy old boy.

The lad will win one,one day I'm sure.But not this year especially as our Football Team are really putting in some effort in South 'Efrica.Can you imagine the glee from across the Wall ?Murray wins and we go out on Wednesday.Edward Longshanks had the right idea in my mind,but was thwarted by a dopey Aussie who said "Freeedddddooommm"

In the Monty Household there is some tension when Wimbledon is on.Mrs Monty and Monty's 18 year old Stepdaughter go all gooey eyed over Nadal,it's hard to match up really when your 40 years old and bald.Though in my own eyes I'm still a virile young buck.

I like watching Federer,think the geezer is sheer class.He reminds me a little of myself.Calm,composed and thoughtful ?

Anyway rambled on enough as I need to get my "Kit"(Off to war you see and not the river)ready for after work tomorrow.



Monty D


  1. Sorry Monty but the ladies always prefer the dark swarthy looking types. :)

  2. Young Laura Robson had a tough match today, she will be one for the future.

    As for Murray................ his day will come.

    Good luck on Wednesday afternoon, with john Terry now in charge i am sure all will be well :)

  3. Tone,

    Swarthy ?Who would that be ?

  4. Andy Murray's flying to SA to boost the boys? Excellent, what postion does he play?

  5. Andy Morose is a miserable, monotoned Jock. I hope he looses to a ball boy.

  6. Just heard on the "Wireless" about Murray Mound.I could hardly stomach "Henman Hill".But "Murray Mound" leaves me speechless.