Thursday, 17 June 2010

Flameing June

Right let's get this out the way.I fished for twelve hours today and this did not tear off once with that lovely sound only a 'Pin can make.

I fished like a tit I reckon ?I did not take a chair and roamed about for the first nine hours,covering around 4 miles of river and not a sniff of a bite,not even a Crayfish.In and out of nettle beds and I got roasted(Calm down you Premiership Footballers).Rolling meat, a bit of Trefs,15 minute and move swims etc,etc.

Then I spent the last three hours static in a swim under a lovely willow.I bait droped in around three pints of hemp and left if for an hour.Fished small pea sized baits over the top for the last two hours and not a sniff.Monty your a Mug,it has to be said.It's a gallon of maggots you need ;-).

So that's the plan for Fridays assault,campaign,battle or what ever other stupid word you want to use to describe your angling ?

Plus points ?Hardly any other anglers on the bank.But who ever said "It's just the being there" is a fucking liar.I'm knackerd and need a beer.

Monty D


  1. Monty,

    A Thursday, no office grid to wind you up, a day out in the summer sunshine, communicating with nature.... well, almost; you would have if you hadn't fished like a tit.

    Just consider the fact that you've enhanced your own well-being, plenty of arduous exercise, fresh air and no assholes bothering you to raise your bp to intolerable levels.

    TGI Friday tomorra and you'll have secured a good few gentles to set 'em off in a feeding frenzy...... you wish!!

    Hope the ale went down well, or are you still on t'train? AALDI or LIDL's is it have had a great offer on bottles of 'real-ale' this last wek, £1 a bottle, a steal mate for 'Spifire' and 'Bishop's finger' and a few others.... but do they do them up-market-stores down your way??

    All quiet from the odd-couple, not surprising considering their recent joint efforts on fish-filled waters.

    ps.. Quite agree with you thoughts, he/they is/ are effing liars, one needs one's string pulled (regularly0 to make it a noice day,

    Sleep well and don't miss the transport tomorra, you could miss the feeding spell!!

    OzBod......... still wondering if & when to bother, 'til a flood comes along.

  2. Mike,
    The "Odd Couple" should have great news in the morning.As for T'train.

    Na mate this venue comes with a few "drivers" for Monty.:-)

    Keep well.

    Monty D

  3. Monty, you must be made of money, a gallon of gentiles :)

    Good luck mate, i know if you suffer a dry net it will not be for the want of trying.

  4. Ah Mont, Blanked ek? Had a 5lb Ghostie first cast and 3 hours later a common about 12lb. Forgot net bit of the landing net, so had to use an unhooking mat to land the fish. Forgot scales so don't know what they really weighed. Missed three takes. Forgot flask so my head was thumping by 10pm. Brilliant evening.


    (Is that a kingpin on that bamboo?)

  5. Tom,

    Did catch but did not need the net ;-)


    Not a Kingpin mate a Pete Reading mate.