Wednesday, 23 June 2010

"Don" Fabio Has Been On The Blower Again

Monty,we just got through but we were still poor today.Solid at the back,but then not so ?You decide(insert a Latin shrug here).I did not think we would, Monty to be honest.I even sent John Terry's CV to Pound Land,but they said "Are you taking the piss?.He would not be able to work out the prices of our products"

Monty what's next ? I had a little think and said "I'll book Al Pacino on the next flight to do your team talk ok ?"Fabio promplty shit his pants and had visions of a horses head in his bed.It's ok though "Don" Fabio It will all come good.

This is how you rally the troops!I did hear a certain Barbel angling Shite sent all there members this clip before invadeing the river on June the 16th.You know to pump them up and yell in unision "Bring It On".

Monty D

PS This flim is very good if your a fan of the "Underdog".

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