Friday, 18 June 2010

Dear Wayne


Listen yeah ?If you must castigate(Did I really say that Wayney poos) the England fans for your shite performance please make sure that the camera does not pick it up.Ok we live in a milioons pounds of house yeah babes,but it's the little people who got us here yeah ?

Yeah your an ugly,ignorant fat ginger scouse Shrek.but I loves ya for ya wallett.So wind your fucking neck in eh?

Monty tanks yeah for letting me use your blog.Love Mrs Shrek.Ps never went to skool so my spelling is poor,just huing arand the Arndale center.

Pps Cheryly Cole is a minger.

Coleen "The Knacker" Tinca-Rooney


  1. I take it your not a Rooney fan then Monty?

    What is going on with the England team?

  2. Tom,

    Decent player but the comment he directed at the camera after was bollocks IMO.People have payed thousands to go over and support England.So If they wish to "boo" after a crap performance feel free.But Shrek does not like it when he does not get his own way.

    As for whats going on ?Who cares I backed Argentina ;-).Money comes first.