Saturday, 12 June 2010

Dark Deeds and a River Walk

I had a phone call in the week from my Berkshire correspondent,Marmaduke Delaware-Spode.It appears the lady's of Wargrave(and good golly are they Lady's),have been spooked at night by moans and incantations while makeing home cooked bread, on their Aga's.Low guttural howls and spells being cast along the river that would make Mr.Crowley blush.Rumour has it that the Gruffalow was abroad ?

Now Monty thought different.So I laid a trap last night of Six bottles of TT Landlord,Peas Pudding,Faggots and Saveloy's.And went off home sound in the knowledge, I would catch my prey.Up early today I found this wee timorous beasty on the bank.At first he was extremely aggressive and I took a quick snap of this "Thing".It appears it's not a Gruffalow at all,but an angler now daan Sarrff from the frozen North.Doncaster to be exact.He has been watching our very clever and intelligent Barbel, for the last two weeks and is at a loss on how to catch them ?Hence the howls of anguish at night.He has piled in 230 kilos of milks thus far!

"I can catch them on T'Trent and the Wye and Sabrina,anyone can as It's chuck it and chance it"."But these Barbel down here are fooking spooky"."I don't know what to do with mesen ?"Monty being an old softy has taken this chap under his wing,so If you see us on the bank next season,please feel free to say hello.Lady's of Wargrave you can now relax.Oh and he answers to the name of Kev.

Moving on.......Walked around for a few hours today and saw a few fish, but not the number of last week.But we did see in the photo below some great Roach and Dace in and out of the Cabbage beds.Alas my camera is poor so you can't see 'em.But some of the Roach were very nice indeed.What to do ?Wait until the Autumn,or get 'em next week ?

That's the great thing about angling,plenty of choice if you have a brain.

Monty D


  1.'s an idea: get a polarising filter for the camera...

  2. Wasn't that creature in the photo one of Godzilla's enemies in those Jap dubbed early 70's films ?

  3. JAA,

    I'm Monty,not bleeding Hugh Miles mate,sheesh.:-}


    "The Drugs Don't Work" etc,etc.

    Off the the Opera now,TTFN

  4. All reet Mont lad. Is this thi blog thing then. Tha don’t do lisenin does tha, a was sayin to thi it were that weird fat chap from upper fenns that bald fellah from t’west country and that gobshite kid from down near thy neck o t’woods mekin all that din watchin fish avin it off. Ah recon thes summat wrong wi that youngen, recon he had his percy out whilst wachin the fish up to it tha nos. Anyroad nice to meet thi perhaps wi can meet up on t’bank like. Offer still stands marra av a mate ‘ll gi that geezer an good hidein for seeing thee off for all that money for a wooden rod. Oh dunt be forgetin that bait mix for that trip up north thas doin, wi thi tinternet mates. “Norven monkies” thas sum strange terms o indeermet lad. PS thi barber could do wi a pastein off mi mate anall.

  5. You soppy twat.Funny that,now I really must be 'orf.