Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cane and Abel

Seeing as a few of us are in thrall about our little Cane rods, I thought I would put a quick photo of two of mine on here.The one in the front is a Barder Barbus Maximus,nice rod this.It's got a test curve of around 1.5Lb and is 11 feet long,and I will be using this next week.A guy on the bank last season told me that "Cane Rods will not land the bigger fish mate,you'll not be able to stop them".I just chuckled to be honest as what can one say ?I've had some nice fish on this in the last two years and I've not felt under gunned once.

The other one is made by "Scotties".It's a ten foot MKIV Carp rod,impregnated and also has a test curve of 1.5Lb.I bought this second hand from a chap I know who belongs to the Golden Scale Club,that group of all round odd balls and wrong'uns.Now I would say that the test curve is slightly softer than 1.5lb.I use this rod for almost everything.Stalking Carp,Chubbing while touch ledgering(sorry Stef)rolling meat and float fishing for Perch.It's my favourite rod out of all the rods I own,and cost me the princely sum of a hundred Guineas.I've a few more Cane rods knocking about also,but these two get used most.Though I'll try and use the Avocet more this season, as I feel guilty leaving the poor old boy hanging on the peg ,as I move out the door and off to the river.Or am I just mad to think they care ?

Now Cane rods are not the be all and end all.I use them because I like the look of them and the action they have.Others do not and It's each to their own.I also have a fair few carbon rods, shop bought and hand made that also come into play.But If I can I'll use the cane every time.

That's angling is it not ?We all have an opinion and I'll say fish and use what you want to.If it makes you happy and smile then do it.

In keeping with the theme.A little picture of Maurice Ingham for you all,note how lucky we are today to have all the "creature comforts" If we choose to fish over night.Compared to the gent's who formed the Carp Catches Club.

Monty D


  1. 100G's for a Sharps's Carp? You lucky lucky bastard...

  2. Yep got lucky with that rod JAA.:-)

  3. At the risk of "dropping" a GSC'er says serious carpers use Sharp's, not BJames floppy sticks. Nemp's got two. He's hoarding them the bugger.

  4. Monty, dear boy,

    Keep yer eyes open for a Biggun, down your way soon wi' his own canes, hand made in YorkshireLand,


  5. JAA,

    Post that you know where and you could start WW3.

    I've been told, though the fish will hardly be on "Red Alert.For those two sitting side by side on opening night.

  6. I thought Yorkshire cane was only used for runner beans and at Dotheboys Schoool? And prize winning begonias. Live and learn...

    I don't post "you know where" ;-)

  7. JAA,

    The chap is an "Under the Counter" rod maker and a very fine job he does too.Not that the lads who use 'em can catch owt :-).He is doing me one later in the year.

    That's me for a few days.Enjoy it gent's.

  8. That will do nowt for his success rate then

  9. Gruff,

    Going out in about 30 minutes mate.Let me know when your on route incase I need some refreshments;-)