Friday, 25 June 2010

Blog Wars MK2

While on the bank today my Tivoli Gardens,"Breddah" Ranking Dread phoned me.....

"Monty wha gwan me breddah ?""Remember when I told you about Blog Wars ?,well it's dread ina Bayblon"."I neva feel say dat 'tings wuld be this dread"."Monty It's Tribal War fe true,star".

"Nuff,nuff people get vex !"."Dave Biggy Burr,Fred Papa Smurf,Steve Shorty Pope and Graham 'de Fox H'elliot"."It's only fishing,but bwoy dem liccle pickney 'dem gwan bad !""It makes yard look safe!".

"Monty me hafe dash,me 'ave a shine eye gal,to whine pon".The phone went dead,but I thought Ranking is a prophet hence the tune.

As for me on the bank,Carp were spawning so a no go and It's the first time I've seen Carp spawning on the river.It was superb to watch,though I never had a wank !I'll be back on Monday for another go.No photo's as It would give to much away,but I've sent a couple to people on here who post.

Monty D

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  1. I wish I could do that,but don't have the patois,rock on Monty, yu a di tiitʃa