Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Oink,Oink Little German

A little bit of schadenfreude for us England fans ?It appears some of the German football team are into bestiality ?Bastian Schweinsteiger, the Teutonic midfielders name translates literally to "Pig Mounter".

So If you need any more help, in cheering on Argentina on Saturday(apart from Monty who backed Argentina at 13/2 to win it, as told earlier in my blog),then away you go.

I mean there you are hunting truffles,and you get set upon by a sex case Kraut footballer,with a "Box Head".See It's not all bad being English,is it ?

Monty D

Monday, 28 June 2010

Monday Club

How many people woke up today hung over and despondent after yesterdays debacle in the Football ?I reckon a fair few to be honest ?Not I though, I popped back down the river to see If the Carp I looked at on Friday had finished spawning ?Indeed they had but instead of a fair few fish mooching about It could have been a different river.Hardly anything was showing at all.Bugger!

I spent the first two hours with a bottom bait on, to no avail.As the sun got higher into the sky a few Carp started to show,swimming up and down the river mid water but not on the top.Just as if to say "We are here and we sure as hell know you are".I started to feed mixers but that still did not work.I was getting a little perplexed to be honest.What to do ?

I decided to go "balls out" and just keep feeding.The problem with floater fishing on the river(well this river anyhow),is that you have the flow going downstream,and normally a wind blowing upstream.So your bait gets spread about a bit.The fish though are cute and they will not help you by slurping in mixers under your feet,where It's easier to present a bait.One fish in particular kept doing a circuit,far bank slurp,slurp,slurp.Downstream about 30 yards,circle back up the near bank and slurp,slurp,slurp.Spot my bait and just ignore it.It had me pulling my hair out.We have all been there while floater fishing.

I was going to pack up at 12.30 as It was bloody hot.I flicked the controller over the far bank and watched the Carp go off on it's circuit.I quickly wound the bait across the river to try and intercept it before the flow took it out of kilter.It went past again and In my head I was laughing as this fish, had pummelled me on the ropes for about 90 minutes.Then it stopped, turned around and slllllluuuurrrrrrrrrp.Hit into the fish and it went quickly downstream,me grabbing the net and following.

It always looks so smooth when you see this on the DVDs by the "named" anglers.I and my net were caught up in Brambles,nettles while trying to hold on to a very angry Carp.I managed to get her back up,then she dived under some tree roots.But,thankfully giving no line and plenty of side strain she came out.Into the net.

You know the drill ?Cheeks puff out with a sigh of exultation and a huge cheesy grin.I left her in the net to rest for 5 minutes as I do with most species now.Up onto the mat,a quick snap and back she went,slapping a tail as If to say "You got lucky Monty,I just felt sorry for you,getting stung,bitten and burnt never again though"

I think she was worth, putting me through a few hours of "Chase Me" though.

As I ever when I left the river, I turned and looked at her and said "Thank You".


PS Caught on a Dave Lumb P2,a great rod.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

A River Runs Through It

For us sorry England fans.OK let's get this off my chest,it would have been an equalising goal for Fat Frank.But we were a poor side today.From defence to our attack we were bereft of ideas.

I'll not single anyone out and do a "number" from goal keeper to attack,as I can't be arsed as the whole lot are poor!I'm so glad I'm not going into work on Monday,as many of you are(he,he).But shall be fishing.

Chaps this is what it's all about.Great book and a great film and just remember......We the angler don't need some over paid wally to spoil our life.

Tight Lines from Monty D(Even If you hate this blog,but still look in ?)

Ready ?

I'm in the office for a few hours today, as I'm a money grabbing, over time working heathen to be here on the Sabbath.Plus I need the cash for a new Cane rod I've got my eye on.I've just had a text message from a mate who lives in Scotland,Lossie Mouth to be exact and what a shit hole that place is.It makes the Fens,look sophisticated."Monty I hope to fuck that you lot get smashed to bit's today,as your national football team are an over paid,bunch of C***s,no offence mate but your lot make me sick"

Nice touch eh ?What can I say to that ?Well you can worry about the English football team when......You pay for your kids to go to University.You pay for your prescriptions.You stop poncing off the English tax payer, as now Labour and it's Scottish Cabal of a government have been found out.I think you lot will turn to the Buckfast on mass ?How about a vote on devolution ?No my little fat friend, you get all worked up,in your midge infested Troll caves.And hate us as much as you want.That goes for the rest of the Celtic nations too.

You see the fact is YOU ALL WANT TO BE ENGLISH.But you just can't admit can you ?You have an inherent loathing of us that borders on the ridiculous.But you can't get the fact that we laugh at you and your ilk,with pity.

I predict today an England win in 90 minutes!And for us England fans here is a wonderful,stirring hymn that makes the hairs on my neck stand up.I'll not get to pissed up this afternoon as I have to cook the "Rice and Peas" and get my tackle ready for some Carp tomorrow if they have done with the conjugal fun.But If we loose don't fret my proud countrymen,just think it could be worse you could be a Jock.

name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/TJRojmvlE6U&hl=en_US&fs=1">

Enjoy your Sunday all.

Monty D

Friday, 25 June 2010

Blog Wars MK2

While on the bank today my Tivoli Gardens,"Breddah" Ranking Dread phoned me.....

"Monty wha gwan me breddah ?""Remember when I told you about Blog Wars ?,well it's dread ina Bayblon"."I neva feel say dat 'tings wuld be this dread"."Monty It's Tribal War fe true,star".

"Nuff,nuff people get vex !"."Dave Biggy Burr,Fred Papa Smurf,Steve Shorty Pope and Graham 'de Fox H'elliot"."It's only fishing,but bwoy dem liccle pickney 'dem gwan bad !""It makes yard look safe!".

"Monty me hafe dash,me 'ave a shine eye gal,to whine pon".The phone went dead,but I thought Ranking is a prophet hence the tune.

As for me on the bank,Carp were spawning so a no go and It's the first time I've seen Carp spawning on the river.It was superb to watch,though I never had a wank !I'll be back on Monday for another go.No photo's as It would give to much away,but I've sent a couple to people on here who post.

Monty D

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Just when You Think You Have Seen It All

Lovely bright morning here from Yat Rock,and looking around the wonderful world once more of fishing forums.I have chanced upon this absolute peach of a question, that just made me howl in anguish like a Banshee.

"Which Isotope Adaptor,For Which Rod".You have got to read it all to believe it!I'm sure you can guess on which forum my beady little spy glass is peeking at ?This has given me an idea to be honest.I may instigate a weekly prize for the most inane,daft,ridicules question out in Internet land.I'll best check with my sponsor Chris Lythe(I've not forgotten you Chris,so do not worry) first though.

How do these people get on in the "real" world ?Little post it notes around the house telling them to "Breathe In","Breath Out" etc,etc ?I should be more charitable to be true, as I look a right nasty peace of work I'm sure ?But I just can't pass up these kind of opportunities.They are Manna from Heaven for a blog like this,you know don't take me self to serious.Laugh at others as well as me self.

Anyway best be 'orf to the station and commute into the bustling Metropolis,but I go safe in the knowledge that more,much more mundane "stuff" awaits to be discovered in the land of the "Forum".

A good day to you from Yat Rock.

Monty D

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

"Don" Fabio Has Been On The Blower Again

Monty,we just got through but we were still poor today.Solid at the back,but then not so ?You decide(insert a Latin shrug here).I did not think we would, Monty to be honest.I even sent John Terry's CV to Pound Land,but they said "Are you taking the piss?.He would not be able to work out the prices of our products"

Monty what's next ? I had a little think and said "I'll book Al Pacino on the next flight to do your team talk ok ?"Fabio promplty shit his pants and had visions of a horses head in his bed.It's ok though "Don" Fabio It will all come good.

This is how you rally the troops!I did hear a certain Barbel angling Shite sent all there members this clip before invadeing the river on June the 16th.You know to pump them up and yell in unision "Bring It On".

Monty D

PS This flim is very good if your a fan of the "Underdog".

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Phew Wot A Scorcher

Blimey it's hotter than a BS AGM,when Tref's cross down here today.Had a few hours after work and decided against Barbel as I'm not to happy fishing "smash and grab" sessions on small rivers around this time of year,for the species.I'll be honest and I may lay my self open to some "stick" now ?But I have had a fish go belly up on me about six years ago.It was in the net quick,left to rest and unhooked in the water.No photo or weighing as it was about 6/7lbs.

I held it for an hour,but it's eyes just went a very steel grey colour.Then just died.So now when it gets very hot, I fish for other species.Please notice I said Barbel and not some other pony name like "Boris","Beard" etc,etc.

I took a small bag of mixers down the river to try for a few Carp off the top.This river has some cracking Carp.Mostly washed in over the last few years,though we have been catching them from about ten years ago while fishing for Barbel.

Mid June and this beat has not been fished,well it holds no Barbel according to the experts?"To slow mate" or "Not enough gravel"."No weed".I'm sure you have all met the expert ?Does it bowlocks lads,but you fish the same swims day after day.Rant for another day that.

Now I'm not to comfortable about giving to much away of where I fish.Not because I catch Lot's,but I'm selfish and value peace and quiet.Ten hours with a few fish as opposed to bagging up surrounded by others does it for me.I found a small shoal of Carp on the top that are not really fished for.But by Christ they have been cagey these last few years.They seem to know you are around ?Well would you If some twat came ambling along the bank after you have been in peace for months.

Wind was blowing upstream,carp followed the bait.Montys mixer stood untouched.Up sticks and into more nettle beds,stung to buggery and cast out.I nailed the smallest one of the shoal.Not much of a fight and a very portly little chap who goes by the name of "Biggun" after today's capture.Not weighed,just a quick snap and slipped back.That was it for me.But I'll be back on Friday as It's getting hotter,and you know what ?I love small river Carp on light gear.

Monty D

Little Chubber 'aint he.

Monday, 21 June 2010

For England and St.George

With Wimbledon starting today and it being fairly near home (I do not really reside on Yat Rock).I would urge all patriots to get behind anyone except Andy Murray.Why ?Well why not ?It's nowt against our friendly cousins from across the Wall.I just dislike the lanky,morose,sour faced sod.

The Scottish press go into over drive about how he is Scottish and not British.I'll go along with that as I'm English and not British.So please have a stinker Andy old boy.

The lad will win one,one day I'm sure.But not this year especially as our Football Team are really putting in some effort in South 'Efrica.Can you imagine the glee from across the Wall ?Murray wins and we go out on Wednesday.Edward Longshanks had the right idea in my mind,but was thwarted by a dopey Aussie who said "Freeedddddooommm"

In the Monty Household there is some tension when Wimbledon is on.Mrs Monty and Monty's 18 year old Stepdaughter go all gooey eyed over Nadal,it's hard to match up really when your 40 years old and bald.Though in my own eyes I'm still a virile young buck.

I like watching Federer,think the geezer is sheer class.He reminds me a little of myself.Calm,composed and thoughtful ?

Anyway rambled on enough as I need to get my "Kit"(Off to war you see and not the river)ready for after work tomorrow.



Monty D

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Monty Saves England

Yes gent's I had a call today from "Don" Fabio about how to save England.While at work I pondered hard on this and came up with a game plan.Not only will England beat Slovenia with this striker.We will win the lot!

I'm expecting a call in the New Year,arise Sir.Monty has a certain ring to it.Does it not?Just take a look at the mans foot work.You heard it here first.Apologies for the poor voice editing,Ken Loach has always been very stringent on his work being shown on Youtube.But has vowed to allow it properly soon,to avoid efforts such as I've uploaded.

Monty D

Friday, 18 June 2010

Dear Wayne


Listen yeah ?If you must castigate(Did I really say that Wayney poos) the England fans for your shite performance please make sure that the camera does not pick it up.Ok we live in a milioons pounds of house yeah babes,but it's the little people who got us here yeah ?

Yeah your an ugly,ignorant fat ginger scouse Shrek.but I loves ya for ya wallett.So wind your fucking neck in eh?

Monty tanks yeah for letting me use your blog.Love Mrs Shrek.Ps never went to skool so my spelling is poor,just huing arand the Arndale center.

Pps Cheryly Cole is a minger.

Coleen "The Knacker" Tinca-Rooney

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Flameing June

Right let's get this out the way.I fished for twelve hours today and this did not tear off once with that lovely sound only a 'Pin can make.

I fished like a tit I reckon ?I did not take a chair and roamed about for the first nine hours,covering around 4 miles of river and not a sniff of a bite,not even a Crayfish.In and out of nettle beds and I got roasted(Calm down you Premiership Footballers).Rolling meat, a bit of Trefs,15 minute and move swims etc,etc.

Then I spent the last three hours static in a swim under a lovely willow.I bait droped in around three pints of hemp and left if for an hour.Fished small pea sized baits over the top for the last two hours and not a sniff.Monty your a Mug,it has to be said.It's a gallon of maggots you need ;-).

So that's the plan for Fridays assault,campaign,battle or what ever other stupid word you want to use to describe your angling ?

Plus points ?Hardly any other anglers on the bank.But who ever said "It's just the being there" is a fucking liar.I'm knackerd and need a beer.

Monty D

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Gone Fishing

Well the close season flew by to be honest and old age and my dotage, must be making it go that much faster ?

Be lucky and remember these words..........

The wonder of the world,
the beauty and the power,
the shapes of things,
their colours,lights,and shades;
these I saw.
Look ye also while life Lasts.

With props to Shabba Ranks for those.

Monty D

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Cane and Abel

Seeing as a few of us are in thrall about our little Cane rods, I thought I would put a quick photo of two of mine on here.The one in the front is a Barder Barbus Maximus,nice rod this.It's got a test curve of around 1.5Lb and is 11 feet long,and I will be using this next week.A guy on the bank last season told me that "Cane Rods will not land the bigger fish mate,you'll not be able to stop them".I just chuckled to be honest as what can one say ?I've had some nice fish on this in the last two years and I've not felt under gunned once.

The other one is made by "Scotties".It's a ten foot MKIV Carp rod,impregnated and also has a test curve of 1.5Lb.I bought this second hand from a chap I know who belongs to the Golden Scale Club,that group of all round odd balls and wrong'uns.Now I would say that the test curve is slightly softer than 1.5lb.I use this rod for almost everything.Stalking Carp,Chubbing while touch ledgering(sorry Stef)rolling meat and float fishing for Perch.It's my favourite rod out of all the rods I own,and cost me the princely sum of a hundred Guineas.I've a few more Cane rods knocking about also,but these two get used most.Though I'll try and use the Avocet more this season, as I feel guilty leaving the poor old boy hanging on the peg ,as I move out the door and off to the river.Or am I just mad to think they care ?

Now Cane rods are not the be all and end all.I use them because I like the look of them and the action they have.Others do not and It's each to their own.I also have a fair few carbon rods, shop bought and hand made that also come into play.But If I can I'll use the cane every time.

That's angling is it not ?We all have an opinion and I'll say fish and use what you want to.If it makes you happy and smile then do it.

In keeping with the theme.A little picture of Maurice Ingham for you all,note how lucky we are today to have all the "creature comforts" If we choose to fish over night.Compared to the gent's who formed the Carp Catches Club.

Monty D

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Dark Deeds and a River Walk

I had a phone call in the week from my Berkshire correspondent,Marmaduke Delaware-Spode.It appears the lady's of Wargrave(and good golly are they Lady's),have been spooked at night by moans and incantations while makeing home cooked bread, on their Aga's.Low guttural howls and spells being cast along the river that would make Mr.Crowley blush.Rumour has it that the Gruffalow was abroad ?

Now Monty thought different.So I laid a trap last night of Six bottles of TT Landlord,Peas Pudding,Faggots and Saveloy's.And went off home sound in the knowledge, I would catch my prey.Up early today I found this wee timorous beasty on the bank.At first he was extremely aggressive and I took a quick snap of this "Thing".It appears it's not a Gruffalow at all,but an angler now daan Sarrff from the frozen North.Doncaster to be exact.He has been watching our very clever and intelligent Barbel, for the last two weeks and is at a loss on how to catch them ?Hence the howls of anguish at night.He has piled in 230 kilos of milks thus far!

"I can catch them on T'Trent and the Wye and Sabrina,anyone can as It's chuck it and chance it"."But these Barbel down here are fooking spooky"."I don't know what to do with mesen ?"Monty being an old softy has taken this chap under his wing,so If you see us on the bank next season,please feel free to say hello.Lady's of Wargrave you can now relax.Oh and he answers to the name of Kev.

Moving on.......Walked around for a few hours today and saw a few fish, but not the number of last week.But we did see in the photo below some great Roach and Dace in and out of the Cabbage beds.Alas my camera is poor so you can't see 'em.But some of the Roach were very nice indeed.What to do ?Wait until the Autumn,or get 'em next week ?

That's the great thing about angling,plenty of choice if you have a brain.

Monty D

Friday, 11 June 2010

Fridays Tips

This will be the last few tips for a for a couple of weeks, as I'll not be anywhere near a 'puter and I'll be away fishing so here goes....

Firstly If you are feeling down or despondent ?Or are just in need of cheering up ?Take a look at BFW,or Barbel Fatwa World as It's known to some.It's the most unintentionally funny load of Barbel zealots,going on and on like a scene from Groundhog Day.Let it not be said that not one question is so mundane, that it can not be discussed and dissected in minute detail!Honest it provides some real mirth and it will either make you chuckle ?Or put your hand in your mouth and cringe ?Chief wind up merchant on that site ?We'll I'll not name him but I doubt he likes the Jam song "Eton Rifles" ?With apologies to the Bard of Bridgenorth who is the "Top Boy" over that way.

Secondly back to gambling.Spain to win the world cup at 4/1 double it with David Villa to be top goal scorer at 8/1.For a measly "Tenner" this pays around £450.00.Done this yesterday as a "Hedge" against my Argentina bet.

Lastly Channel 4 Sunday morning at 07.00,Catching the Impossible.It's all about viewing figures so just get up and turn the T.V on if you must go back to bed.But "we" the angler must try and get good viewing figures for this.Anything with Mr.Cribbins in,is superb..He made "A Passion for Angling" for me with his wonderful narration.He should be knighted the old boy.

I'll be out on the river on Saturday, to try and photograph a mythical beast that has been terrorising the natives.And will report my findings with some diligence,I can assure you.

From Yat Rock enjoy your day.

Monty D

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Monty's World Cup View

May as well jump on the bandwagon as within a day or two the whole country will go "In-ger-land" mad.Plastic fans will crawl out of the woodwork to offer their punditry,although they have never been to a live football match in their lives.

Grown men will put on their "In-ger-land" shirts,and look well, just fat to be honest.In my view replica synthetic football shirts,look best on kids.Once you get over 16 you look plain daft to me.Wives and girlfriends will say "Football on again ?".They will start this around Saturday evening.You will then be told "Do not call the man in black a cheating C**t",when he sends Wayne Rooney off again in a World Cup.Or "Do you have to stand when the national anthem is played ?".You get my drift I'm sure.

Now let's get this out the way.England will not win the world cup!We are far to reliant on Rooney to get our goals IMO,and as stated he will get sent off.Defensively we look pretty solid.But I hope Upson does not play.I watched him enough at Upton Park last season and about 4 away games, to see that his ball distribution is very poor.Yes we were a bad side but he was shite!Green in goal ?Great shot stopper but very poor with crosses and he does not command his box enough.So I would go for David James,I can see Green at Arsenal in goal next season though.;-).Our wonderful board are of the "flog the lot brigade" and bring in cheap imports on two or three year contracts like they did with Brum.

I'm going to back Argentina to win it at around 13/2.With a strike force of Messi,Higuain,Milito,Tevez and Aguero they are worth a punt in my book.Brazil as ever will go well as Dunga is a very shrewd coach.Spain are the classiest side in the competition,but history is against them.And of course the Germans.Mostly though enjoy it as no doubt some superb and open games await us ?

Now being West Ham through and through having attended my first game in 1975 with my 'Ol man aged 5.And have been going ever since.So please excuse my very indulgent video of "Sir" Bobby Moore.Sure he was not an angel but who is ?He liked a drink for most of his early carrear,and my Dad had been to a game back in the 60's midweek at Upton Park.The pitch was a mud bath and after the game they went back to the "Queens" for a drink.Ten minutes later in walked "Sir" Bobby and I think John Bond as well my old man told me ?They had come off the pitch,not had a bath but just put there suits on,over the top and needed a beer.Would not happen today mind.I used to walk to Upton Park until about,11 years ago,time does fly by.A football team IMO,is about where you were born,your roots and your family's roots.You support where you come from.Not some other team at the other end of the land as they have won Lot's of trophy's.No matter how poor or what league we play in.I'm proud to say I'm "West Ham".

Enjoy the tournament and remember It's only a game.(Like fuck is it)

Monty D

Monday, 7 June 2010

For Bob Roberts

You cheeky sod,Bob.:-).Thank's for the blog plug though.Spelling 'aint to bad eh ?

RIP Heather the Leather

I had to simply add this in today.OK the fish was very famous and lived a long and prosperous life ?But it always makes me laugh when a well known fish goes to the great lake in the sky.Or Polish Joes Deli more likely.And you get these quotes online...."RIP I have tears in my eyes"."Gutted simply gutted".Or "I can't believe it I'm crying typing this"

It was the same when the Traveller was eaten."Gutted,bloody Otters grrrrr"."She was a real river Princess" I could go on but you get my view I'm sure.No,no and thrice no.They are fish no more no less.It's not like a Dog,Cat or Armadillo that you bond with.

For you guys in mourning this is for you.Enjoy.

Monty D

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Spawn Spotters Lay Down Your Weapon

Spawn spotters your work is now done for another year(possibly)?Had a very early morning walk yesterday along a syndicate stretch I've joined for the fourth coming season.By early, I mean we were on the river for 06.00,that's with a fair drive to get to the venue.Then away by 09.00,back home then a quick shower and off to the Derby.

We walked about 4.5 miles and saw plenty of various species.The surrounding flora and fauna was in full bloom and every thing just felt right about the place.We found half a dozen small shoals of Barbel numbering about six to eight fish per group.Mostly single figure fish,but with two that were good doubles and one that may have been just nudging that figure ?And guess what ? They were on the munch hard, which says to me that this years spawning is over.I can almost hear a grown of dismay from certain individuals who are still trying to creep about unmolested,and "Spawn Spot".It was though joking aside, good to see so many fish all along the river and not just in a few hundred yards.

Now some people have a poor view of syndicates ?Some say they are elitist ? Others say they are the death knell of river angling ?Well In my view I could not give a flying fuck what people think to be honest.Never have,never will.I'm paying a few bob to fish in a limited membership venue,away from rubbish and other detritus that seems to be more and more prevalent on the bank side these days.Catch at all cost mentality,and just in general annoying fuckers.

Angling is still very cheap IMO.I had a season ticket for around 21 years at a premiership football club,that goes up and down at will.It rose from 90 quid to near 750 quid over the last twenty years or so.For around 90 minutes entertainment(or not) every two weeks.I knocked it on the 'ead as Sky TV has screwed the real football fan years ago with the staggerd kick off times.But that's a proper rant best saved for another day.A round of golf cost's me 40 quid,so what I have paid out for next seasons angling, is a good deal IMO.One Syndicate and one normal club ticket has cost less than 350 quid,for 9 months of fishing.

So their you have it folks.My view from Yat Rock.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Monty D

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Fridays Tip- A Day Early

I'm not going to be about for a couple of days,and the Friday tip must be done,as It's the thing I enjoy most on here.So here goes......................I'll be at Epsom Downs on Saturday for the "Derby".Now I'll not give you a tip for a horse(Though I'll be backing Workforce).

No the tip is for all you gentle folk who do not pay to get in,but watch the race from the various free vantage points around the track.IF and it's a big IF,when you have a bet take care with who you back with.You see over the years many "Moody" bookies have taken up to 40 grand on the race,only to slip away when the race starts.For them "Joe Public" the once a year backer stands out like a sore thumb to these characters.And they are not "Bookies" at all,but wrong 'uns.You have been warned!I'll doubt we will see a horse of this class again in the footage ?

Now I was brought up around gambling.My Dads old man was a "Bookies" runner back in the day in Hackney.And my old man and his mates owned Greyhounds that used to run at the long gone and sadly missed Hackney Wick.Some Blunder,Black Felt and Mr.Chips were three that spring to mind.I went to my first "dog" meeting about 8 years old and have loved it since.The characters I met over the years,"Yiddish Morri" the Tailor."Winkle" as he was built like a brick shit house."Stan the Man" nasty piece of work.Many more and to many story's to tell,and now sadly hardly any dog tracks remain.And with this the old characters disappear ?

My old man told me a story from years ago.......................

Before I was born,him and my late Godfather went to a mid week meeting at the "Wick".They got a tip for a dog,and piled in with their meager wages.Then walks down the dogs owner to back to the dog,him self.A certain Mr.Reggie Kray.Now the price had been cut a fair bit.And Mr.Kray wanted to know "Why my 'effin dog aint at the 'effin price I wanted to back it at ?"

The bookie spotted two young geezers and pointed them out to Mr.Kray.He backed the dog and walked passed my old man and my late Godfather.Needless to say the dog "pissed" up and a few bob was won.After everyone had collected their winnings.Mr.Kray sent someone down to ask my Dad if he could have a word.You can't say no really ?

All he said was "Right next time you back my 'effin dog,make sure I've backed the 'effin thing before.OK ?""Now 'eff off,oh and well done"."Oh and say hello to your Dad,for me"

My old man moved faster than the one dog I'm sure.

So take care you gullible folk,OK ?

Monty D

Edit those wags from Youtube have barred the Derby Vid,buggers :-(

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

This Months CAT

Now I do not normally buy this magazine between March and July, owing to in my opinion Lot's of the articles being regurgitated by the authors.That's not a criticism as most are very good writers,with a wealth of knowledge to pass on and it's a fact of life, that things will come out that you may have read before ?

But I had a phone call about a couple of articles that I may find of interest.One was by Archie Braddock and how the last 15 years or so he has not used a wire trace for his dead baiting for Pike,but uses a Braid hook length.It's a subjective piece to be honest and it obviously works for him.It's a lenght'y article and worth a read if you can.My take on it ?Well it's not for me to be honest,I'll keep using a wire trace for my Pike fishing.But fair play to Archie for writing the article it makes you think.He is though a pains to point out, that he uses a wire trace for Lure fishing.And that's what I want in an article,to trouble my minimal grey matter.

The other was penned by Pete Reading,on how possibly the threat of Otter predation, may be exaggerated on our Barbel stocks ?Pete gives a very reasoned view on other aspects, that may also be accountable for the downturn in Barbel captures over the last two years or so.It's probably the most intelligent,anti rant view I've read yet.I do not agree with all he says,but read it your self If you can.I may even re-join the BS on the strength of the article ? I best phone Biggun in the morning.

Now onto Phil Smith and Stef Horak.Now these two guy's until a couple of years ago used to write articles in tandem about their angling exploits.Then stopped very abruptly.I used to enjoy these two gent's writing to be honest.Stef was the loud mouth "Bad Cop" upsetting the apple cart,while Phil was like a kindly uncle,but with a worse hair style.:-)I've heard a few tales about what happened,though it would be wrong of me to drag that out.But it involved some one slipping off and catching some nice Perch and not informing the Specimen Group they both belong to.I'll not elaborate more,as I hear good things.

It seems they are talking agian ?So gent's this little song by Simon and Garfunckle is deidcated from Monty to you.I hope you can let things go and move on,as true friends should never fall out over angling ?And I look forward to reading about your trips together again ?It would be really nice.

Monty D