Monday, 31 May 2010

Well That's May Out The Way

I'll end this month on a positive note, as it's soon time to cut down my "Bloging" owing to the river season starting soon. More fishing and less posting of nonsense ;-).So instead of my inane ramblings every other day or so you'll only have to put up with them around twice a week or so,unless I spot something that makes me cross.And what doesn't ?

I'll include my angling trips(maybe),but not the venues as I feel that is unfair to other anglers.Unless busy day ticket places like the Royalty,where everyone knows about the venue.

Firstly well done to Tamim Iqbal who had a great "knock" at Lords yesterday for Bangladesh.I listened to Test Match special and it was some "knock".The lad scored 103 in a 100 balls.With 15 fours and two sixes.In the commentary box "Aggers" and "Tuffers" made the match sound great.They work well together.And Iqbal now gets his name on the Lords honours board for all eternity.I think most England supporters wanted him to get it,when he was on 71,and played a little shaky for a while.

Secondly to Dagenham and Redbridge for gaining promotion to League One,for next season after beating Rotheram United at Wembley yesterday.Our Milkman at work has been following them for years and years.So I'm well chuffed for him.Proper supporter,the guy.

Moving on.........I was in my local tackle shop yesterday to pick up some "bits".And it was bit's,just line and hooks for the new season but a few things caught my eye.

A packet of Nashy Fang hook's cost a fiver !Jesus wept that's bloody pricey.I also saw some leads that supposedly have a "weed covering" on them.Three quid a "pop" these.Not on your nelly lads would I be mug enough to buy these.Also does one now have to dress in an appropriate manner to go into an angling store ?Every one bar Monty was in green or camo,with ESP baseball caps on.Or Nashy this and ESP that.I felt under dressed in a polo shirt,jeans and a pair of of suede loafers.Perhaps I'm not hip anymore ?I'll come back to tackle shop etiquette later in the season as what I heard yesterday made me laugh.

I've added a few photo's to get us salivating for these last two weeks.And I would like to say I hope you all(yes even you):-) have a great and productive season.

As ever its just my view from Yat Rock.Phew I'll go for a pint or two now me thinks.

Monty D


  1. Many a good man has been ruined by "just popping into the tackle shop for a few bits", those brown paper bags cost more and more each season Monty!

  2. Agree, the sort of hundred that gladdens the heart, part of the game is that the high risk comes off from time to time - (speaking as a high risk bludgeoner).

    You're not wrong aobut the hooks. Even ESP and Korda are 30-35 a hook. I've got £8.75 worth of hook in my hatband. Daylight someithing. And don't get me starting on hooklength braid, the robbing bastards. You can buy 20lb bs dacron for kites in 500m for a few quid, but somehow, 25M of 15lb Kryston is £9? I don't think so.

    Have fun, fishing beats blogging...

    ...12lb common and a brace of 9lb mirrors as night fell last night...on floating bread. Yeah....

  3. Tom,

    Do what I do,only take in a few quid and leave the cards at home,or not as the case may be.Went to the pub and ended buying a new hat for this season from a shop along the way.:-(


    I always had you down as a man of class like Boycott and not a Flintoff ?But your right about the cost.In this tackle shop 300 yards of Power Pro was 38 quid.A mate goes to the states lot and I get it for about a "score".

    Glad the Carp played.

  4. Too kind...I'm afraid my criceting exploits were interspersed with long periods of not reaching my potential or something like that...although I made a lot more runs when I finally twigged batting for 35 overs gave me way more chances to really clump one...'dogged defence' at club level is easily confused with 'waiting for the change bowlers', a bit like eating cabbage so you can get at the spotted dick and custard....especially the spinners...I've edged several towards therapy via sightscreens, a couple of car windscreens, the pavillion roof, a number of big trees and more than a few house tiles ;-)

    Happy days.

  5. Great Read Monty, glad i found your blog, very refreshing compared to some other blogs.

  6. jon,

    Should that be Jon with a capital J ?;-)

  7. Monty,

    Dates head up/ I'm out of the country July 18th -30th, so don't organise those...or w/end 10/11th July. Just in case...

  8. GSC member in the house ?!

    I must know more of this Shad 69 malarkey.

    How did it go "Wyesham boys, Wyesham boys, laced up boots and fly spoons...."