Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sniggs.......The Truth is out There

A fair few weeks ago I mentioned the word the Midland lads use for Eels,which is Sniggs.But know one could offer me an explanation as to why ?

Sitting here at work today the phone has just gone with a breathless Bard of BridgeNorth,who has been undercover for weeks trying to find out why.As ever it helps to read this in a strangled YamYam tone.I find it also helps to hang upside down like a Fruit Bat and hold ones nose.

BB "Monty,puff,pant wheeze.I bring you news of Sniggs"

MD "Go on"

BB "They are called fooking Sniggs because of the way they used to be caught"

MD "Is that it ?"

BB "No they used to Snigg them in the mesh with worms"

So now you all know.I do not think there is a more descriptive word for a fish in this land of ours.My deep gratitude goes out to BB and a years supply of Diet Coke and Pies will be sent from Yat Rock when I get home.

Monty D



    Ok must get out more. If you hand upside down and talk holding your nose, while thinkn hard abotu soemthing really sad, you sound just like a Brummy. Odd. What's even odder, is if you affect a strong Brum whine, sorry 'accent', and then while talknig, pull the corners of your mouth upwards, suddenly yer a scouser. Try it..

  2. Yessling Ying9 May 2010 at 07:27

    Isn't the Black Coontry accent very close to original Saxon accent/dialect ? Certainly the nearest we've got left to Saxon in this country, I believe. I'm sure I've heard this somewhere and it's true.

    Bostin' aye it, arr.

  3. Gent's,

    I know very little about dialects,except that any higher up the country than Muswell Hill,you sound like a 'Fick Fecker.

    Football today,last game of a very long season.:-)

  4. Mill Race Traveller9 May 2010 at 20:18

    We do a lovely Eel Mournay in the Mill Race, all fresh caught local eels, withn a definate lack of air miles.

    Do pop in if in the area (but not that Bonney bounder.)