Thursday, 27 May 2010

Nearly Time

Well this close season has flown by and it was suggested to me in the week,by a well known angler from Sussex"Your getting older now mate,your 40 and the seasons just melt into one,so best make a note of things and enjoy it"
I do not do targets anymore and it's a drain.I'll not lie and say I do not want to catch big fish of all species.Pike being my favourite quarry for the last two seasons,Barbel being put on the back burner owing to my perceived view of how artificial the species has become.I still like fishing for Barbel,but it's lost it's gloss in so many ways.It seems to be the "be all and end all" for so many river anglers these days ?But it does leave other species for us anglers who may be more rounded ?That's just my view though.

I would like a river 20 lb Pike and maybe a corking Roach or two.But If I do not get that then I'll not worry.We should not really wish the season away,but I'm looking forward to the Autumn.My favourite time of the year on the river,less anglers and my own thoughts.

I have a few new permits for next season,with some invites for further a field.And also a couple of days here,in the photos at the top of the blog.The Compound Weir on the Royalty.The top picture is looking over to "Jacks" on the far side.And the second one is down towards "Hayters",with the moon rising in October.It's a great place for a social with a couple of friends.That's what it's about.Oh and we can take the piss out of each other all day long.We may be seen to be a bunch of wankers my mates and I to some ?As we can see the "Wheat from the Chaff".But most people I do fish with are decent anglers,who can make their own luck.And enjoy working things out for themselves.That's all the fun is it not ?Or is it better to be put on fish ?

As ever it's just my view from Yat Rock.

Monty D

Ps Double click on the photo's they get bigger.;-)

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