Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Jackson Browne - These Days

I'm led to understand my last "Blogg" about "Spawn Spotters" has hit a very sore point with the BS Forum,where it was posted.

Never mind lads listen to this and relax.

Monty D

Ps Popey sorry it's not the Boss.xxxx

It may not be your humour Steve,but plenty of your committee read this blog.If it offends you then do not read it,it's that simple.As you advocate on Bob Roberts Blog.


  1. Tom,

    Speak in the morning mate(If you can admit to knowing me ?).Night

  2. It woke them all up anyway Monty. Sad bunch for the most if you ask me. Why would someone with a lot of "friends" find it necessary to keep posting how he has loads of friends!!!
    Smacks of insecurity to me.

  3. Who said my name was Tom LOL

  4. Who the fooook is FARMTON ??
    Hahahahaha LMFBO
    p.s. He uses Nivea, not Aloe Vera.

  5. Christ, he's changed a bit since he was in the Jackson 5.

  6. That guy playing the guitar, didn't he catch 17 doubles from 17 rivers?

  7. Best blog I have read in ages,and thank god some the BS crowd of Mugabe followers have a sense of humour.

    Where you fishing then ?

    My mate,Elliot would love to organise a fish in there.
    Not sure if I could make it though,probably chasing otter food down the Ouse that weekend.

    Fat Boy Pons

  8. Where do I fish Mr.Ponsford ?All over and mostly next season the Thames Tribs of Berkshire with a few jaunts to the HA,Severn and Wye.Not the Trent though It's a pikey shit hole ;-)

    Good call that.