Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Gordon Has Gone

Now I'm not a fan of him and his policy.But that was a cracking sign off from the man.He had it spot on.He gave thanks for our armed forces in these troubled times.

But most importantly he praised his wife and family.Politics is a shite job and and the end of days we will hate the next Prime Minister ?So Gordon go and enjoy your kids,your wife and your life.

For where will we all be without the one's we hold dear.I hear now the Queen can be activated ?Where does one get a remote control for that ?

Monty D


  1. JAA,
    Deleted your comment in error mate.Somthing about a new ring for the Hexagraph etc.Sorry.

  2. Nope that's still there...

    I didn't like GB as PM, but he seems to have more integruity than most in politics.

    I think someone must have wished the UK would live in interesting times.

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  4. JAA,

    I think I have had my first senior moment mate.It's on another Blogg entry!What a tool I really am ;-(

  5. you may think that I couldn't possible comment...