Thursday, 6 May 2010

Fuck The Election-Middle East Crisis

Yes I know this is a big day in the grand scheme of things and yes I have voted.But today from Yat Rock my Middle East correspondent has informed me of a grave,grave situation.

Egypt has run out of " 'Erbs"!A sudden fall in the supply of gear has sent prices spiralling.My contact Ali Akbar from the Yat Rock Tandoori tells me "This is very weird for Egypt and my supplier has told me he does not know what's going on ?" "And my old work friends back in Cairo have been telling me they can't focus at work".

Now in Egyptian culture smoking gear is ingrained in the local way of life.Indeed a novel from 1959 called Children of Gebelawi both heroes and villains puff.Ali tells me "Fucking 'ell Mr.Monty the place will explode if my breddahs don't get a good puff soon".

Most are convinced it's the work of the local Police,as they control most of the narcotic hash trade.It's like they have just turned off the tap.To supplement their meagre wages ?

Now we have problems here with a potential Lib/Lab mob trying to run Tings.But fuck me I've plenty of weed If need be.Mr.Obama I suggest you start dropping puff parcels from planes in Egpyt or you'll have an uprising their too.

I'm off now to roll a fat one,and listen to some Prince Lincoln and the Royal Rasses.

Monty D

Ps I voted Tory,but keep that quiet though.


  1. Did you vote before or after you inhaled? It's importnat to know how smacked out of your head your were when you voted for the rich, Eton school educated, landowning, two faced, insubstnatial elitist twats.


  2. I and I say it is the work of them babylon CIA and the rozzers from Cairo east, innit.

    All praise Emperor Haillie Sellassie, the all providing Jah.

    Irie !

  3. JAA,
    I can just see you now jumping around your house in the country.....

    "All that Rugby puts hairs on your chest,what chance have you got against a Tie and a Crest ?"

    Yey voted Tory for the first time ever as I'm fed up being taxed to the balls,to pay for a load of lay about C***s who will not work.Sorry to offend and all that :-).

    Judge Dread,

    I have not got a clue who you are ?Think I'll have to take the annon poster thingy off here ?

    Off now to a "Hustings Party"

    So until the 'morrow.

    Monty D

  4. I was being ironic, Mont. Tories way to middle of the road these days anyway...

    ...but like you fed up with being taxed to the bo33ocks, and being told it's good for me, when we give £40m a day to the EU for them to build roads the Spanish don't need.