Friday, 14 May 2010

Fridays Tip.......Boycott The Yat Rock Ritzy

Not far to go today to find a moan and 'Ting.Mrs Monty and I, had been for a nice lunch at the "Bobcat and Badger" and took a stroll back.We happened to pass the Yat Rock Ritzy Cinema.

And in bright letters across the front for tonight was....."Eyes Wide Open" World Premier tonight.I popped my head in and left very quickly, when I found out what the movie was about.Anyone remember Broken Back Mountain ?That done for Cowboys in the Midwest, for a long while after and even now they are viewed with suspicion.

"Eyes Wide Open" is about a homosexual relationship set in an Ultra-Orthodox,Jewish community in Jerusalem.Why oh why would a team sit down and write such a film ?What next ? Now I'll say right here,right now that I'm not anti-homosexual.I used to box at an armature club as a kid.One of the lads their was a gay lad about 17 ?He was not that good really, as he could not hold his hands up.He admitted he just liked getting batterd in the ring.

The quotes for this film are...."Incredibly Tense And Searingly Relevant"-Time Out.
"Superb,A Film Of Rare Haunting Power"-Daily Mirror."Quietly Devastating"-Variety.And this last one that quite frankly made me clench."Raw,Aggressive,Sensual and Seductive"-George Osbourne Tory Party.

I plan to hold a candle light procession outside the Ritzy tonight in protest.If you see a man with candles,dressed like the Pope(we know how pure the Catholic Church is),please come and say hello.

Monty D


  1. Thanks for bring that to my attention, so I can now subconsciously blot it out. Anything more morally complex than "Iron Man" or "Justified" I glaze over...

    Monty, you'll like "Justified" ;-)

    Bollocks (feel the need to catch up now)

  2. JAA,

    We are going to see the latest Robin Hood film, with Mr.Crowe in the main part on Saturday night.He will not be a patch on the Fox,in the Disney version ;-)

  3. Ah yes, "Crowe and Arrows"....

  4. "Dressed as the Pope" Did yow have your Bruce Springstein Denim kit on.:-)


  5. "...not a patch on the fox in the Disney version..."

    LMFCO, Monty !!!