Friday, 28 May 2010

Fridays Tip

Christ these come around quick do they not ?Anyway I'm afraid for those of you, who are well lacking in culture it's back to Radio 4.I seldom watch television these days unless it's 'Orse Racing,as I love a bet.

So if you are at a loose end on Saturday at 21.00hrs,tune in and relax.For an hour they are playing from their Neglected Classics:The Snow Goose.Written by Paul Gallico and dramatised by Nick Warburton.Now I heard this last Sunday afternoon while preparing the dinner,and it soothed a trouble Monty after that frightful chap I saw on the river !

Cracking book to.First published around 1941 I think and many times there after.It's about a wounded bird amid the horrors of the Second World War,the Dunkirk evacuation,very apt after yesterdays 70th Anniversary! Oh and chuck in a disfigured artist.What's not to like ? I read this first at school a long while ago now.It's seems to be a theme of mine that I like nostalgia.Can't think why ?Anyway you'll like it I'm sure.

This weekend I'll be out for a spot of float fishing for Tench.And walking a syndicate beat or two that I've joined for this coming season.I will keep an eye out for any skulduggery though,you can be sure!I'll also start a little pre-baiting with my home rolled specials,not a lot.Just around half a kilo,every couple of days before the off.

Anyway enjoy your weekend(even those who would like to see me dismembered),and what ever you do,do it well.Oh yes the picture at the top,taken on opening day on the Kennet.Just a cheap camera that I still use,but it's my all time favourite.

Monty D


  1. Eh up. Nice picture, you can get dry flies to mimic these you know...

    Amazing thing.

  2. JAA,

    As ever a voice on sanity on here ;-)

  3. Bugger. That's really not what I was aiming for.

  4. JAA,

    I will call you next week as I need to get some dates for you and Nemp,but most who comment on here are backward.:-)