Friday, 21 May 2010

Friday's Tip=Cold Socks and Colder Ale

As most who know me in the flesh so to speak,would say I'm a fan of a beer or two after work and maybe some wine ?A point I would not disagree with.But this week,well until Wednesday I was left a broken man.

The Monty households fridge freezer had broken down last Sunday.Ok we had to throw a fair amount of food away that had defrosted.No hard cheese really.But how would I chill my drinks ?

Step forward Mr.Tom,not the old one who took in kids during the war.But a Scotsman no less,with a chin and girth like Desperate Dan.

Mr.Tom "Monty what you need to do, is like we all did when we fished in India,for Masheer before that braggart Boot."
"Is to get your beverage of choice cool,soak a sock in the water,ring it out,then place your beverage in the sock and hang it from a tree"

Monty "What the hell,or some other expletive,your winding me up ?"

Mr.Tom "No mate it works,it's called precipitation"

And do you know what it does.Mrs Monty was over the moon to come home and see various socks hanging around the back garden,with my Ale keeping cool.God knows what the neighbours thought ?

Tom your help saved a bad case of the shakes and I am thank full your help old son.

So if your ever in trouble and need a cold one,get your socks off.

Monty D

Ps New Fridge plus Freezer arrived today,but you know what.I enjoyed the sock way.If your wondering why it took so long to get some new "White Goods".I had to get 12,000 Isralites to drag it up to the top of Yat Rock.I'm like Pharoe,you see.


  1. Nice one old chap, glad to be of assistance :)

  2. A godo yarn barely hiding the rather too deperate need for booze. Tragic. Get help.

    (I'll look after the socks for you).

    Might have a really cold one now. Might not...

  3. JAA,

    Not long back from work,and will open a bottle or five now.Girls are away until Sunday evening,so peace.Going to have a walk along the river tommorow to see if any spawning is going on ?

    Sex Case Face :-)

  4. That there Yung Tam knows tha' knows......... but it's not down to 'precipitation', it's really the latent heat of evaporation, believe me......... the Arabs have used it since the year dot, for cooling watter in earthernware jugs.... the seepage evaporates and the LHoE cools the moia.

  5. Annon,

    Blimey Sir Oz on here ?I hope you do not get told off ;-}